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Monday, August 2, 2010


The weather has been very hot and humid here in South Western Ontario. There has been lots of festivities going on down at the beach  for this long weekend. We went to see the fireworks last night that they have every year at this time, they were wonderful. They have them off of the Pier that separate our marina and the beach. It was great, all the boats out on the water to watch them, with their lights shining over the water and blowing their horns in delight, it was wonderful. The beach area was packed with spectators in anticipation for the wonderful light display . The fireworks are so amazing over the lake as colors reflect brightly over the water, with the background of the boats and the Pier light house . We enjoyed it all very much and will definatly return this time every year. Hope you enjoy the pics and video !  Have a great day !


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by..... country living is wonderful - there is always something going on! Your header picture is beautiful -

Country Gal said...

Thank you for your comment. Its always nice to meet new people from blogs and share !