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Monday, June 10, 2013

Mother Natures Nectar



It is a cool muggy day with gentle rains here at Our Country Cove  today. All the gardens are sitting up proud as they drink in mother natures nectar from the sky’s !

Spring 2013 (1 of 14)

            Nature comes alive even more so when it rains and you can see it , smell it and feel it !

Spring 2013 (3 of 14)

I like to put my hanging planters out in the rain to get a good drink of the best water there is for them !

Spring 2013 (6 of 14)

I love to take photos of the rain drops on plants and flowers ! I can almost see the flowers and plants smiling !

Spring 2013 (8 of 14)

      Some of the birds are singing happily from their shelter in the trees and hedges whilst others are eating , taking the advantage as it is raining .

Spring 2013 (10 of 14)

This little squirrel is a new kid in the yard , He must be only a month or two old and he has hit the jack pot with that bowl of food scoffing it down with no one else in sight as rain drops plop on his head from the tree !.

Spring 2013 (11 of 14)

                      Miggs is in with Harley watching me out taking photos as it rains !

Spring 2013 (5 of 14)

                             Spring 2013 (13 of 14)

                The rains have slowed down for now but more is on the way ! As the birds and squirrels gather more around their feeders to fill up and play before the  rains start again !

                                              Until next time  , Thanks for popping By !

                                                    Country Gal

13 comments: said...

I agree.

The best treasures come alive after a rain.

Crafty Gardener said...

The birds and critters don't seem to worry about the rain. It's pouring here now, so photos will have to be a bit later on.

Crystal said...

Harley doesnt look impressed with the rain, lol covering her eyes.

I am so jealous you get just rain, seems eveytime it rains here we always get a horrible wind and the plants (and me too) hate it!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

These are lovely images and good for you -- getting out there to take them. That little squirrel is adorable.

Jane and Chris said...

Oh, look at Harley covering her eyes.
"Mummy , you used the flash!!".
Jane x

Buttons said...

Your photos of the rain look so beautiful. I have to admit I am cold and wishing for sun but you make me smile seeing it this way. B

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love all of your pictures, especially that baby squirrel...priceless look on his face.
Tornado season here, and one has just touched down, North of us in Kentucky, they are just the worst things to deal with!
Thanks for sharing your pics, they made me smile.

Primitive Stars said...

Always smells so good after a rain too....great pictures of the birds, they don't mind the rain at all, still have to ear....Blessings Francine.

Michelle said...

That is a great shot of the raindrops on the Japanese Maple!

Linda said...

Love that baby squirrel!!!
Great the Rose :o)

Linda :o)

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

It is still raining here with the garden too wet yet to get tilled. I am getting nervous I won't have a veggie garden this year. Thanks always for stopping by, Elaine. Love your gardens.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Harley is too cute with those paws over the eyes. Looks like you are getting the same weather we have here. Thank the lord for the rain. said...

We are having some rain too, in fact it rained all last night and our electric went off. Now it is sunny and beautiful. I took all my ferns from porch so they rain could water them without me doing it. Lovely photos of your flowers. Have a wonderful week.