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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camera Happy Again ,WOOHOO !


Hello all .

Papa did what he could with cleaning my camera and said it is dust on the focusing screen not the censor or mirror like we thought it was  thankfully ! He said it is hard to clean that part of the camera and he didn’t want to push his luck with it  . Thanks for trying Papa.  We will take it in soon to get a proper cleaning but for now I am happy to have it working .The only thing is I see the dust particles when I am looking through the eye piece and I just have to ignore them . I can still tell the difference between the focusing points and dust so that’s a good thing lol  I can deal with that , even better is the dust particles do not affect my photos at all and that makes me a snap happy country gal again.

It is a chilly windy day for June  here  with rain on and off . The girls and I are just lazing and puttering around today . Miggs and I got our morning walk in before the rain started so that was good  .

Spring 2013 (1 of 4)

         The weather feels like it did when we would go camping !

Spring 2013 (2 of 4)

Our Harley Roo snoozing on the back of the couch on her towel .

Spring 2013 (4 of 4)

                                   Miggs snoozing partially up side down against the couch !

As you can see a lazy rainy day here at the Cove and a  snap happy country gal once again !

                                     Until next time , Thanks for popping by !

                                           Country Gal


Crafty Gardener said...

It sure is chilly and damp today, no outside work going on, just things inside. Good to hear you can take photos again.

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, looks like the fur babies know how to spend a rainy day, :)......Glad all is well with the camera, love your pictures you share, Francine.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like a nice lazy day, much like the one we had here on Monday when we watched a couple of videos during the daytime! Glad to hear the camera is working better after Papa's cleaning.

Buttons said...

Oh I am so happy about your camera. Love the sleepy head family:) B

Maa said...

I love those rainy days when I can do my crafting in front of the fire. Lucy lays the same way as your Miggs does. Maa

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Elaine girl : )
This rain is getting to me .. and it seems to be stuck here for a while yet (the good thing about it .. is of course the gardens get a drink .. but the trees get a good one too and that helps with them producing beautiful Autumn colours .. so there is always a positive spin to things .. usually?LOL) .. The pro landscaper issue for us is that we are pretty banged up with physical conditions, so it would be agony for us trying to do the work ourselves .. but if I have to chop up the work to go on for another few years in stages .. I don't mind .. we do what we can and enjoy it all in the end !
Joy : )
My girls are rainy day sleepers too .. in fact I would be as well! LOL

DeniseinVA said...

A lazy but lovely day. Glad you got your camera fixed. I had the same problem last year. Spots on your photos are very frustrating. Lovely photos and I love your header! Miggy looks comfortable. You all have a great weekend :)

An English Girl Rambles

Heather said...

Hi Elaine... just catching up on all my missed posts... sorry to hear about your little camera dilemma... but I know exactly how you feel without it... lost... I just got mine back after sending it out, it was gone for a week, they couldn't find anything wrong with it... I'm just glad to have it back! All the best.... Cheers~

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Our rain is blowing out of here this morning, and I'm hoping for a lazy day at home--We'll see! Take care, and enjoy your weekend!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

GOOD thing your hubby is talented and knew just how to help fix your camera. I know the feeling seeing those dust spots, one of my cameras has them and it drives me nuts, which is a short drive anyway. But you are correct, it does not effect the photo and that is a good thing.

Looks like you have some lazy-dazy furry ones, looks like what we all do here in the South after a big pig-out BBQ on a hot summer's day.

Faye Henry said...

So nice that your hubby is so smart. smile..
We are having a tropical storm here and just puttering around, too..
Take care, my friend. xo