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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Miggs , Papa & I


The weather has been cold with the odd pop of sun . We had a bit of wet snow falling yesterday and earlier this morning  whilst Papa , Miggs and I were out finishing up the last bit of the yard and garden clean up . However I have left a few flowers in the gardens as they are loving the cold frosty weather  and still look pretty , even more so with frost on them , I will post photos  of them tomorrow .

                                                                 The story of our weekend so far .

OCTOBER 2015 (8 of 104)

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OCTOBER 2015 (14 of 104)

                                                        My tractor Betsy and I were busy this weekend !

OCTOBER 2015 (75 of 104)

As this garden is new this year with our hummer, butterfly and bee plants we put mulched leaves on them then  covered it all with burlap so they get a good winterizing as it is their first winter .

                              These photos I know all you Miggs fans will love  . Papa and I had fun with her .

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                Papa put the leaf blower under the pile and Miggs had fun trying to catch the blowing leaves .

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Miggs is a hoot when it comes to doing the leaves and putting them in a big pile  she waits for this every year . One of her favourite things to do every fall !   Jump and play in the leaves !

OCTOBER 2015 (46 of 104)

             Then Papa vacuumed the leaves up with the blower mulcher  after Miggs was done playing in them .

OCTOBER 2015 (60 of 104)

After our busy Saturday and earlier this morning of tidying up and keeping warm out there we came in then Papa made pancake's for brunch .

OCTOBER 2015 (101 of 104)

                                                                              They were YUMMY ! 

Now it is Mid afternoon the clouds have started to set in on and off , the winds are blowing cold  icy feeling air  so Papa , Miggs and I are now cozy in side  happy that the yard and garden clean up is done  .


                                                                                 Until next time

                                                                                Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Biggs sure does love those leaf piles. It's clouding over here too. There may have been a couple of dozen snowflakes drifting down about lunch time. But it is chilly, so I'm going through some recipes to pick up some comfort food to cook in the next few days.

Michelle said...

Miggs seems like such a fun dog!

Dagmar said...

What a fun sight it must of been to see Miggs playing in those leaves..it is worth just being able to pile them up to see her play in them.
Looks like a good weekend and brunch was had by all.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh how sweet Miggs looks playing in the leaves, she is such a character!!!!! Blessings Francine.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, this is my favorite time of year as well, Elaine, and we are so glad that we no longer have to do yard work and leaf raking. Of course, we still own our VA house, which remains unsold (sigh) but someone else is tending to the yard work now. Looks like Miggs and you all had a good outdoor workout and pancakes are a perfect ending.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like a good day for those last fall chores. I tried briefly, but it was just too wet and cold!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Good job compleeted and Miggs enjoyed the leaves.

Henny Penny said...

I would love to play with Miggs in all those leaves! He looks soooo sweet! I love yard work like that.

Linda Kay said...

I do kind of miss the leaf adventures from living in Illinois, but I don't like cold weather, and my blood is very thin now after being in Texas for so long. Looks like Miggs is having a grand time. Bet he took a long nap after. Love your tractor and wagon.

Linda said...

You guys have way too much fun!
Linda :o)

William Kendall said...

Burying herself in leaves... too cute!