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Friday, October 2, 2015

Just One Of Those Weeks


The nights have turned cold as are the mornings now , we wake to the chilliness of 6°C  Feels like 3 or 43°F  Feels like 37 quite a difference from a week ago that’s for sure  the furnace has been on to get the chill out .

I don't know why but my get up  and go got up and left me this week  no energy at all , then the van broke down waiting to get that fixed in the mean time Papa is using his dads other truck ,  then we found out there is a dead mouse in the wall of the living room so Papa had ripped it apart get rid of it and now re place the wall and find the same colour of paint we painted years ago I remember the paint colour so that's good , these old farm houses have lots of unknown nooks and crannies critters like to nest in. Because my get up and go got up and left my gardens are now behind with the clean up when I was ahead of it all in the beginning   DARN IT ! I hate it when this happens .    It is October already which is one of the months that really gets me down I think that's why my get up and go got up and  left  cause it was the month my mum passed away on our Thanksgiving 7 years ago and to this day it still  gets to me , gets me down . I miss her .

But  … any way it is Friday and the weekend will be here and in a few hours Papa will be home and all will get fixed up .

Miggs is doing better with her leg  now all though there hasn’t been many squirrels about for her to chase since it is colder out now they seem to be hiding more  and I moved their feeder to the back under the crab apple tree where Miggs cant really get to them and it is farther away so they skedaddle by the time she gets half way there as they see and hear her tags jingle more where as before when the feeder was by the big old tree steps away from the porch   lol !

I took a few photos with my phone over the week when Miggs and I went for our walks later in the mornings when it has warmed up a bit !


Way in the back there amongst the trees you can see one tree that has changed and pops out from the rest , they are slowly changing and leaves are falling more now .


                      I zoomed in for this one with my phone , I was standing on the road when I took these ones above , they are way in the valley forest on the river bank  !


One last cut of the field beside us and then the bailer came after he was all done , oh the smell is wonderful !


These flowers are every where in the swampy ditches and on the banks of the river  they are tall and pretty . Does anyone know the name of them  ! I imagine they maybe a wild breed of sunflower .


                                                            The river is right behind them in this photo !


             Wild asters growing amongst the pine trees . Lots of pine cones on all the pine trees in the area now to .


The banks of the river have so much beauty in such different colours, forms textures  and shapes  it is amazing !


It was cloudy earlier this morning but I see the sun peeking through now so I am off to get dressed and go for our walk . I hope I can get out of this frump I am in  and get going with the rest of the garden clean up .

                                                        Like mum always said … it to will pass with time .

                                                                              Until next time .

                                                                          Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots! It certainly does feel a good deal cooler now than it has.

Deb said...

Hi Elaine - Thinking about our loved-ones that have passed on can really zap the energy. I so miss my mom, too. She is gone 18 years now and without a word of a lie it feels like yesterday. I guess we are one of the lucky ones to have had great mothers that we loved very much. Just knowing that can help heal the soul. We have cold winds a blowin' here today. Boy, fall has really set in. October is a beautiful month but there is lots to be done with gardens and in our case, to finish all the projects on the house before winter. We'll have enough to do next spring with the main house going up. No rest for the wicked. haha! Enjoy your wknd. Give Miggs and Harley a hug for me.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It sure has been nippy in the mornings and I've been contemplating warmer wear. Not much red yet from the trees but I hope by Thanksgiving our drive north will be colourful.

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that both you and Miggs will feel better again very soon. I think that the change of seasons has a lot to do with feeling blah, I have been feeling like that, but as your Mum would have said, it will pass, and it is good that you know that, because that is half the battle isn't it. Take care of yourself in the meantime, Hugs to you! xx

Michelle said...

I am enjoying the change in weather.

Margaret Adamson said...

Thanks for taking us along for the walk adn it does look a bit coler and your leaves are now turning colour. Have a lovely weekend.

Knatolee said...

Fall is definitely here! Those wild asters are one of the few things left for my bees to forage on at this time of the year. Have a great weekend!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Chilly here too, hope you are feeling better now and Miggs is back to her running around. Those flowers look a bit like Jerusalem artichokes, really tall, small flower in the false sunflower family. They can be invasive. Give one a pull and see if you get a tuber root, which is edible. Our garden is just about ready for winter, just a few more things to cut down. Today is is windy which makes it feel more cold. We even had the fire on last night for some warmth.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Elaine, I'm sorry your energy left and you aren't feeling up to your normal level, but like everyone else grief can cause that. You were lucky to have your mom so long(mine died when I was 20). It seems like forever to me. My sister died 10 yrs ago and I miss her like crazy too. Our mornings and evening are quite cool and we are supposed to get rain tonight and tomorrow-gives me a reason to quilt.
Hope this coming week is better for you!
Hugs, Noreen

Henny Penny said...

I just finished a long comment to you and somehow deleted it. Shucks! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog, and thank you for the nice comment. I am especially happy that it led me to your blog. I can so relate to your last post. My Mother passed away on our Thanksgiving Day eight years ago. It has forever left a sadness for us on Thanksgiving. I miss her every day. Your Miggs is cute as can be, and so is Harley. Yes, I would love to live in Canada. It looks beautiful and I simply love my blogging friends from Canada. I am definitely following your blog and excited to read more of your older posts. Henny

The Furry Gnome said...

Sorry you're aching! Isn't it frustrating when the old body aches for no apparent reason, and you get slowed down from what you want to do!