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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunny Day’s


The weather has been nice and sunny . The mornings are chilly but it warms up in the afternoons. I have been wondering around taking photos  of what ever catches my eye . It’s been quiet here at the Cove , well I mean not much goes on here really don't know about how quiet to be honest with all the birds chattering and singing , the sounds of lawn mowers and tractors and  the odd chipmunk telling some one off for hours  and what not but these are the sounds I love to hear.

DSC_7294             I love to take scenic photos with big puffy white clouds .


                 I like how the sun shines on some of the cloud as it slowly sails past so peaceful .

DSC_7335  These mushrooms or fungi are way up on the side of our tree at the end of our drive way . I find them fascinating !


     Thank goodness for a 55-300 mm lens that can zoom things in that are high up and to far away !


                One of many Bunnies we have around here , He is so tiny he would fit in a tea cup !



                                        Eastern King Bird who kept toying with me .


        It is  another beautiful sunny day today  .  Miggy and I will go for our walk , then I have some house cleaning to do and then I will be out side the rest of the day trimming around the gardens. Miggy is doing well , she still finds it hard to not run around like a mad dog and play hard as she does but I think now she understands why and is doing a good job at listening when I tell her to SLOW DOWN or SETTLE .  Poor girl looks at me sometimes with a sad face as to why she cant run a muck . Then I tell her that the doggie doctor said she has to go easy on her knee for a bit until the inflammation is gone . Then she drops her ears as if to say  ,  OH, OK  MUM  !

                              Until next time  hope you all have a great day !

                                        Country Gal


Debbie said...

Beautiful photos! :D

Gone Country said...

You captured some great images!

Poor Miggy! Hopefully her knee will heal quickly so she can get back to romping around again.

Have a great weekend!

Sall's Country Life said...

That is some funky fungi! Give Miggy a get well hug from me. Have a great day!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your cloud pictures and your day sounds wonderful--I'm glad Miggy is listening to you, we both know they don't sometimes! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Julie Marie said...

Beautiful photos!... stopping by to wish you a Happy Mothers Day!... xoxo Julie Marie

Nancy's Notes said...

What incredible and wonderful shots!!