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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Horsey Of A Day


Yesterday Papa and I spent the day with our saddle club taking photos of horse & rider in events . Papa and I used to come from there with over a thousand photos each as we both photographed each event together but now we take turns  , he does one event and I do the other and that limits the amount of photos and is easier to load and go through !

Miggs was with us  again as she loved it the last time and was a good girl then to . She loved every second of it . All she wanted to do was kiss every horsey nose . One horse walked by and Miggs got up on her hinds and kissed the horses nose before I even knew what was going on lol Good thing the majority  of the horses here  like dogs !

Saddle club (207 of 258)

Papa and Miggs on the other side of  the arena by the announcing booth . It was a hot sunny day with the occasional breeze ! Miggs had lots of cold water to drink and places for shade to watch the people and horses !

Saddle club (10 of 258)

These three are all best friends and wonderful kids and asked me to take a photo or two of them standing up on their horses ! Each of them have been riding for a long time and part of their lessons is to have trust in their horses and for the horses to trust in them and they all have that . Most of the time these three are all over their horses and the horses just doze off lol !

Saddle club (27 of 258)

                                        The barrel toppled for a bit  but stayed up . Nice ride !

Saddle club (33 of 258)

                                      Nice tight turn around that ! I love watching the kids !

Saddle club (60 of 258)

                                   Last barrel , running for home to make the time !

Saddle club (110 of 258)

                                                       I do enjoy a good barrel race !

Saddle club (154 of 258)

        Don't you just hate it when ya lose your hat !

Saddle club (246 of 258)

                                                         These two above just dig in and go !

Saddle club (229 of 258)

                                                      What a stretch this horse has !

Saddle club (199 of 258)

                                    HEEHAW  ! Lets go Trigger ! Yup that’s this horses name  !

Saddle club (257 of 258)

                                           Some riders and horses dressed up for one event .

Saddle club (256 of 258)

                      Then at the end of their day horse & rider took a brake to watch others and rest !

                                            Until next time …hope you all have a good day !

                                                        Country Gal


Gail said...

Fantastic pictures.

My favorite is the last...kinda sums it up.

It is wonderful seeing children so involved in horsemanship.

Terra said...

The horses and riders are such athletes, and I like the photos of the horses in action, and that final photo too.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a great time, and what a fantastic set of photos. It's amazing what a bond those kids having with their horses; they are actually standing on them! I really like the photo of the rider losing his hat. Very cool capture. And the last image is just gorgeous. Great post!

Jane and Chris said...

Just love horses!
Jane x

Gill - That British Woman said...

love all your photos but the last one is my favourite too.

The horses behind us are finally out as the weather has been stormy for most of the day. I bet they were miserable having to stay indoors most of the day. said...

Oh thanks for the photos view.

Great! Oh and your sweetie Miggs love the horses. Oh nice. How could they not love Miggs. I do.

Oh I bet the kids like the last one .

Is this like Darth Vader ?

DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful horses, and what a fun day for you all. I would have loved to be near those beautiful animals and enjoyed you telling of Miggy kissing horse noses. She's a peach!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looking forward to seeing the next set of photos. These action ones are great, Elaine.

Buttons said...

Incredible photos. B