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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Foggy Morning


Foggy was an understatement it was  as thick as pea soup lol

The fog rolled through the valley and our yard like an eerie movie as if it was alive , searching for something to smother !

Summer 2013 (1 of 16)

I went out anyways to have my tea on the porch and take photos . Oh come now, you all knew I would be taking photos of it  lol !

Summer 2013 (2 of 16)

               The river is back there and the fog was moving fast over it and between the trees in the forest !

Summer 2013 (5 of 16)

                                     I think Miggs was looking for critters through the fog lol !

Summer 2013 (7 of 16)

             Across the road we could barely see the tree farm as the fog seem thicker  as it was moving  and defiantly cant see the top of the valley .

Summer 2013 (11 of 16)

The sun was trying it’s best to rise and shine through the thick fog  , some rays made it as a bit of an orange glow caught the yard !

Summer 2013 (16 of 16)

Well the sun finally burnt it’s way through the thick fog and boy was it humid  for the late morning and early afternoon with all that moister from the fog and land  rising in the heat of the sun . The breeze has picked up and is now blowing cooler air .. it is amazing how many times the temps , air  and weather can change in a matter of hours  ! So I again took photos  of  birds , Bees, critters , butterfly's , Sphinx moths ya know the usual lol   for tomorrows post lol

                                               Until next time …have a good day !

                                                     Country Gal


Julie Marie said...

I just love your fog photos!... I have always loved fog and mist, I think they look so enchanting... we are hot here again, 100 degrees again today... too darn hot!... wishing for Autumn and cooler temps... my gardens are all pooping out from the heat and so are Tessy and me!... xoxo Julie Marie

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine... Our weather has changes from that nice dry sunny days to hot and muggy again "yuck", but no fog!!

That is certainly some foggy , but it make for some wonderful shot's!!
I love the one with your tea cup and the one with your garden!!


Jane and Chris said...

The top shot is absolutely gorgeous! I love the flower arrangement .
Jane x

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Foggy photos can be eerie and lovely at the same time. You captured the fog well.

Michelle said...

Fog can be troublesome, but it is beautiful!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wow! Very nice photos. I'm glad you stopped by my blog today to say hello, so that I can come discover your space, as well. Looking forward to visiting more often!

DeniseinVA said...

Those photos are great, and I do love a foggy morning. Enjoy your day tomorrow, I wonder if it will be a foggy one again?

fernvalley01 said...

we had a misty foggy morning the other day here too, over the lake it reminds me of how I picture the moors in Hounds of the Baskervilles

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It was foggy here today as well, but nothing as scenic as your photos, Elaine. Thanks also for the tours of Ken's workshop.