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Saturday, August 17, 2013

After Soaking The Gardens


The  nights and mornings have been cool  and dewy but  the days have been sunny and warm and no sight of rain in the forecast at all  . So.. I gave my gardens a good soaking yesterday evening .

Summer 2013 (3 of 28)

After the gardens were soaked and happy I of course looked for things to photograph !

Summer 2013 (1 of 28)

Looks like the water droplets are suspended in the air , but in fact they are sitting on a web ! 

Summer 2013 (4 of 28)

                        Caught the moon out in the corner of my eye  , this was about 7:30 pm

Summer 2013 (8 of 28)

African daisies are one of my faves , the come in so many different colours  of solids or two tones !

Summer 2013 (11 of 28)

I have 9 different colours of Geraniums to as they are another fave of mine ! Again solid colours and two tones !

Summer 2013 (10 of 28)

      I like photographing plants and flowers with water droplets on . Who says you have to wait till after it rains lol .

Summer 2013 (15 of 28)

   Looks like sparkly diamonds dangling !

Summer 2013 (16 of 28)

                                           I love the way the sunset hits and reflects on rain drops !

Summer 2013 (18 of 28)

It doesn't take much for me to find interesting things to photograph as you can see here in this post lol !

Summer 2013 (20 of 28)

                          Above photo the flower is atop a stock that is over 6 feet tall !   All our sunflower heads look like this and are close to popping open ! These are the sunflowers we didn’t plant lol !

              I love them as does Papa and we will  plant more for next year… unless the birdies and critters get to that first lol.

Summer 2013 (21 of 28)

As the sun sets deep into the west ,  low down in the horizon behind the forest  by 8:30 pm  Miggs and I had a bit of play time before going in for  Papa’s and my cup of tea and Miggs tea cookie    !

Summer 2013 (28 of 28)

     This morning was cool , dewy and foggy with sunshine but as the morning goes on the fog is lifting and the sun is getting stronger the day looks to be just wonderful filled with sun cool breezes and low humidity . Papa is out in his wood shop this morning working on a project , I love hearing the sound of the power tools . I am off to marinate the steaks for supper  for the BBQ  and put the laundry out on the line !

                                                  Until next time . Have a great weekend !

                                                         Country Gal


Lorilee said...

Your weather sounds lovely. South Texas is HOT (95-100 degrees) and humid. Your flowers are gorgeous.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The ground is do dry, we really need a good soaking rain. I'm only watering the containers. I've also been photographing the moon the last few nights. Have a wonderful weekend, the weather seems gorgeous.

Gail said...

Your pictures are wonderful and your yard looks great.

Buttons said...

Your photos always make me smile. Nice weather for sure. B

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love all of your flowers !
The cooler days here, have brought a hint of seasons changing, the last of the flowers now fading.
I love Miggy :)