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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday’s This & That


I mentioned in a post way back that I am planning a raised veggie garden for next year . Well I didn’t know at the time what I wanted to use for the walls until I saw it on line ! Cinder blocks . I like the idea !  I also saw that they put plants in the holes of the Cinder blocks  .  That got my mind going but where can we find Cinder blocks that wont cost a fortune . Well low and be hold dad in law said there is a construction guy down near Port Burwell which is only a few minuets away  , he has tons of them and concrete slabs  and said he asked  the guy  if we could take some , he said sure take what ya want its only going  to be  put in a dump .  Dad in law also collected a bunch of  concrete for their  flower garden at the end of their driveway for a retaining wall .  So Papa, Miggy and I went down  , collected a bunch of these blocks , put them in the trailer , drove home and unloaded them .


We are making the raised veggie garden 4 by 8 , not to big and not to small . 4 feet across is just enough so I can reach the middle with no problems .

                       Hey it’s a start and these were free which is even better ! 

Then after  ,  I took photos of this bunny sitting up at the bowl full of sunflower seeds munching away !



                                                        I see you Mr Bunny !

                                          Then this small aircraft went over !


     The sky was soo blue and clear  not a cloud in site , a lovely fall like day with cool breezes and warm sun .

Papa was busy in his shop making 4 by 7 inch frames out of barn board so I popped in and took photos of the process .

                           Stay tuned  tomorrow for Papa in his Shop and the finished frames !

                                  Until then hope you have a wonderful day !

                                             Country Gal


Patsy said...

We have been thinking about doing the same,but how would we keep all the critters we have been feeding out of the garden.
Love the photo of bunnie.

Tiggeriffic said...

I have a raised flower garden .. It's so very nice because I can sit on the edge and and do all my weeding.
FInding Cinder Blocks for free was a wonderful find..It's always good to know someone to help you with the cost of ones project.
Have a great day. Ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Lois Evensen said...

How great to get the cinder blocks for free for your raised garden. I remember purchasing stepping stones for my garden. I didn't have a truck so made several strips in my Mustang convertible to get them. :)

Crystal said...

I love cinder blocks and would like a supply of them, especially free ones! I want to build a compost pile with them.

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine...That is a great idea ..I have seen pictures of these made and like you said holes on the side makes for extra room!!
How great that you got them for free!!
I love that rabbit ..I never see them anymore since we started having coyotes in my area!!
Hope your having a good weekend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice to get the supplies for nothing more than the labor involved to haul them away. And, a benefit is that the blocks won't rot like wood. Looking forward to seeing next year's raised garden beds, Elaine. Our yard bunnies have all disappeared and not sure why as we don't have any coyotes here.