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Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Event Of The Season


As some of you know , Papa and I are members of a Saddle Club , Evergreen Meadows Saddle Club as their photographers at their monthly events . Yesterday was their last event for the season . It was nice and sunny but the winds were quite chilly . We both love horses and of course photography and this club gives us a chance to enjoy both and even sell some of the photos to the club members . We ask them to sign a Model Release form that gives us permission for us to use their photos as we please . They all have sighed . All of them are wonderful riders and we have made lots of lovely friends with riders , horses and the people running the club and events . The founder of the club Ron works with my mom in law and that's how it all started . My mom in law mentioned one day last year to Ron that Papa and I are photographers and he came over to see our work and loved our photos and asked us to join as the clubs photographers and its been wonderfully fun ever since !


               I get to cuddle as many horses as I want  . I am in my glory when with them !


They do all kinds of events  for junior, youth and senior . From Showman ship , Open Reining , Jumping , Barrel's , Dash , Poles, Texas's speed,  Novelty no point events to  point events and more .


Papa takes photos from one end of the arena and I am at the other end so we get all kinds of shots from different angles !


                         Some riders and horse do all the events and some don't  .



            Some have ridden in the events before and some are doing it for the first time !




It’s all in fun and they collect points and even ribbons for who did the best for each event ! The club has many different judges as they also judge many different shows and events else where .  It is the first season for this club and we are slowly getting more members  as we are  trying to do what we can to spread the word  of this club in hopes it grows !

                It is a fun filled day and we cant wait till it all starts up again next spring and summer !

       But we wont be without horse photos just because its over . Papa and I will travel to the riders house to take photos with what ever scenery they want in their photos as well , so that sparked a lot  of interest  with the riders when we told them !

                                        Until next time have a great day !

                                          Country Gal


Lois Evensen said...

How fun!!!!

Our daughter shows our Labrador Retrievers in dog shows - I get a kick out of seeing the horses in your images going through the weave poles - same as our dogs at their shows.

Our daughter and Lab, Penny, had a perfect show weekend. 7 Qualified out of 7 runs. They have qualified for AKC Nationals!

Gail said...

Many talented equestrians being photographed by very talented photographers.