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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Some Of This & That

The weather has been glorious the past few days , more like summer then spring . I welcomed June with open arms and am happy that according to  meteorologists  June 1st was the first day of summer YIPPEE !  I like that lol .
All though the weather has been wonderful like I said it has been damp at night and early in the mornings and we have an infestation of  mosquitoes or mozzies we call them  BIG TIME ! I mean it has never been this bad , all over the house both front and back all hovering over the grass and flying about , you know it is bad when moi does not enjoy siting out side on her favorite patio porch even with the citronella candles going and Papa has to cut the grass with a face mask on so he doesn't get mosquitoes / mozzies in his face or in his mouth and up his nose lol !

                Now all he needs is to be riding a Harley Davidson looking like that  not a tractor lol !
                                    Lots of blooming going on here and we are so loving it .

   This morning when we woke it was thundering a bit  and raining but a nice rain the kind that the gardens like and I was able to sit out side on my patio porch  with Miggs , funny enough the mozzies weren't that bad in fact they were out from under the porch and in the rain on the grass  I was able to   have my tea out there and enjoy the birds and the rainy morning  .

 The  thunder got louder and more frequent and that was that , especially for poor Miggs she gets scared so of to her safe place in the house  she went  in thunderstorms .

I stayed out for a bit and took a photo or two more as the rain was falling even the blooms and gardens look pretty on a dark stormy morning .
I have been MIA from here more then normal as I have been outside mostly , I am more of an  outdoors person especially this time of year , I love to just wonder and take photos or putter in my gardens and now I am enjoying painting all kinds of things , like my little welcome sign on the bottom right of the puppies  it was badly faded and paint was falling off so I repainted it and now it looks brand new , so I have been going around finding all kinds of things to re paint lol !  Talking about Paint I forgot to show and mention Papa built me a new Paint caddie / box .

                   I will be painting  on this box , flowers a butterfly or two Country Gals Paints  lol !

Oh look sunshine is out and I just read that the rain and storms are done . So that's it for me for now  out we go to enjoy the day that was stormy  and turned out  sunny and will be for the day  WOOHOO !  .
                                                             Until next time , Have a great day !
                                         Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

Enjoy. We're still a bit on hold here. :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

June has been chilly so far with rain today, those darn mosquitoes are lovng this damp weather. That's a great paint caddy you have. Sure hope it warms up soon.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Well, I'm glad you fought off the "mozzie's" to get some great pictures! :-) Your clematis is really pretty, and the paint-caddie again shows the talent of Papa!

Margaret Adamson said...

Lovely shots and glad the storm is over so you can get ourires again and Miggs is no longer scared

Linda H said...

We have had so much rain this spring, I expect the mozzies will be bad here too. Please tell the sunshine to come east! We are very sunshine-deprived!

William Kendall said...

Mosquitoes are a pestilence of the first order.

Here the weather is unsettled. Some sun, then rain, lots of clouds, rinse and repeat.

Rosella said...

Oh how I hate Mozzies!!! Love your paints caddie and how you've arranged your brushes. My paints have been in the closet for far too long. That truly was a lovely weekend - a bit chilly today though. Your gardens are looking beautiful.