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Monday, June 22, 2015

B…. is For Baby Barn Swallows


   I love watching the Barn Swallows dash about and play in mid air as they are tweeting and chatting away . I heard our Barn Swallow I named Barney carrying on like mad almost in a fit type character so I went to investigate  and thankfully I had taken my camera with me as I was taking photos to begin with of other things . Well to my surprise there were three baby Barn Swallows siting up on the wires across the road .

June 2015 (21 of 33)-2

June 2015 (23 of 33)-2

Just stretching and looking about . I thought awe how cute , just stay there so I can snap a few photos guys  , then all of a sudden Barney comes whipping along tweet, tweet frantically and fly's right over and pass me almost all at the same time  WOW ! they are fast , then I saw one of the babies lean forward and open his mouth, well to my surprise again Barney was on a fly by feeding frenzy to her babies , talk about fast food lol .

June 2015 (24 of 33)-2

The first few times I missed the shots but then I got to know when Barney was coming to them as they would flap their little wings in excitement and lean forward to follow where she was and who she was going to go to just before she got to them .

June 2015 (25 of 33)-2

                                         It was amazing to watch all this let alone be able to capture it all !

June 2015 (27 of 33)-2

                         At times I was in such awe of it all I had forgotten I was taking photos and missed some captures lol  !

June 2015 (28 of 33)-2                   

But I am please with the captures I did get as these birds are a challenge to photograph flying as they dart back and forth to and fro  let alone feeding their babies in mid air on a fly by at the same time ! It was a good  weekend filled with puttering  and watching lots of Mama’s and their babies . Mrs Robin is on her second batch of babies in the nest on top of our porch light and lots of other Mama’s feeding babies about the yard !

                                                            Oh the wonders and beauty of nature !

                                                                      Country Gal


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I also love the Barn Swallows they are very entertaining and your shots are amazing. Hug B

Anvilcloud said...

You did well. Nice post.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, Elaine. These belong in a magazine. Do send the best of the lot in somewhere. :) They are amazing. Now I'm wondering if 3rd baby got fed. I'm such a worry-wort. Deb

The Furry Gnome said...

Great shots!

William Kendall said...

Quite a delightful series!

Janneke said...

Such an excellent photos of the barn swallows, love it. Here they have nests in the stable nextdoors. I see them flying in and out from my porch.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Those are amazing photos Elaine. We are heading out to BC in towards the end of the week to visit family there, so possible won't be around that much
We had terrific thunder storms and heavy rain overnight. Hopefully it clears up as I have a few errands to do before we leave.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You are right, Elaine, that us it difficult to photograph these little burds. This was a very nice series and lots of action shots!