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Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Good Weekend Come & Gone


This weekend that passed was another good weekend for Papa and I . First we got new phones as we had been using the old Mic phones and they never  did do very much but it was free to talk for us between each other  and now WOW ! we can do so much , texting and calls anywhere in Canada all free  anytime   and link to the internet  and the camera on these are amazing  I know slow with some of the technology  but what we didn’t know was we could get these phones at no down payment and so we did   so Papa got his all in black and with the protective armour on it as he is in and out of a ware house during the week  at work  and mine I got the same only in pink and grey . These phones  have been around for a while  they  are the Samsung Galaxy 4   really an android more then a phone  lol  .  Then we had a nice visit from our  friend Danielle and also the person we bought the house from 6 years ago , she just lives a few blocks away . Danielle brought us some tree  trimmings from their trees  so we can plant them . I think   they are called   Cork Screw Willows  and grow 4 feet a year  we put them in 6 inches of water till we figure out where we want to plant them and holly molly they are growing roots already .  Danielle  reads my blog almost every day lol    so if you are reading it now  Hi Danielle and thanks for the trees !

June 2015 (1 of 1)-2

              Papa made a  nice charging station for both his androids his tablet and phone and will be making one for mine .

June 2015 (1 of 1)

Then in between learning  and playing with our new phones  ,we were also busy as usual out side finishing up garden edgings , trimming and just enjoying the lovely weather .

June 2015 (20 of 33)

                Here is the finished butterfly and hummer garden with the bench seating Papa made and stained !

June 2015 (23 of 33)

He painted the brick a forest green a while ago as he was getting the bench seats prepared   . He picked this colour  so that when we trim you don't see the green grass smudges on the brick as you would if it were a different colour .   It looks soo nice and  quite fancy shmancy for the garden but heck why not  lol ! He wanted to stain it this colour and have it protected to ! I love it Papa great work as always !

June 2015 (29 of 33)

It was sunny over the weekend but cool here and there so we had our  chiminea going MMM wood smoke smell YUMMY ! Every time Papa cut wood to make edgings he would have pieces that were no good to him and he would yell out fire wood lol so my wagon Ruby and I came to collect the wood through out the day  and now I have lots to enjoy lol .

June 2015 (31 of 33)

                                            The Irises are in full bloom and look soo pretty on our little hill  !

June 2015 (2 of 33)

I also captured this little Song Sparrow singing his heart out on the wire . Such a pretty song they sing !

June 2015 (4 of 33)

So we have done what we aimed to get done this weekend so that was good .  Mrs Robin is back in her nest over the porch light ready for the next batch of eggs and babies  .  We had  a thunderstorm last night  the  gardens are happy  as am I and  today it is overcast with cool breezes and rainy on and off . I have been so busy with the outside, now it is time to do the inside  ya know vacuum and dust and what not  I do this once a week any ways but I prefer to be outside cleaning up gardens cutting and trimming grass , taking photos , going for walks , enjoying nature  but I guess it has to be done lol  oh well .  I have been so busy out side I find it hard to find the time to post let alone read and comment on all your wonderful blogs  , it is a busy time of year for a lot of us I think and so if I don't comment or get around to your posts I apologize  I will however try to catch up on all that’s been going on in your neck of the woods . We  here do ever so appreciate you taking the time out of your busy days to see what’s going on on out neck of the woods.

                                                                Until next time my friends !

                                                               Country Gal


Linda Kay said...

Why am I not surprised that Miggs is on your screen saver barking at a squirrel. Your little garden spot is quite lovely. We definitely do not need any heat in Texas.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love your new smartphone, I keep denying myself the luxury but maybe soon....
The flower boxes look so smart and functional, anything that keeps the weeds at bay works for me .
Your Iris is just gorgeous !

Anvilcloud said...

We are still in the minority and don't have a smartphone. We do have a old cell phone for emergencies only.

eileeninmd said...

I was going to type where is Miggs until I saw him on your screensaver.. Good thing! I would miss him! You do like to keep busy with the garden. I like the butterfly/hummer raised bed with the bench seats. Very nice! I love the irises and pretty singing sparrow. Have a happy Monday and new week ahead!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The seating around the garden looks great Papa. We are still debating an outdoor fireplace, need to check the regulations for our area. Love the singing song sparrow. Welcome to technology, I love my all across Canada and texting free. I"ve just been outside taking photos after all the rain we had. It sure was needed and I can almost hear the wanna be grass growing, calling for someone to come and cut it. :)

Gail said...

Sounds perfect to me.

I don't have a cell phone. I detest phones of any kind. I guess of all those years of working for the public. Hubby and Andrew have cells phones. Andrew's is much like your phone but not pink! Hubby is sticking with the one he knows.

Great pictures!

fernvalley01 said...

you are both so talented and creative!love the screen saver on the new phone,and as always your great pictures!sorry to have been so absent

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy your new phones. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with them. Rain started for us last night and has continued through today. I'm so thrilled about it because it had gotten too dry.

Pamela Gordon said...

Phone technology is pretty amazing these days eh? I like my iPhone a lot as it links easily to my laptop. I like your new bench seat garden bed. It looks very nice.

William Kendall said...

Miggs as your screensaver is a nice touch!

Primitive Stars said...

Love Miggs as your screen saver. Nice fire on a cool day, enjoy the outdoors.Blessings Francine.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We didn't get smart phones until over a year ago and now depend on them to hold all our friends and family phone numbers, address and notes on things like birthdays and anniversaries. I think I use the phone more for other things than calls! The flowers are looking good as are the benches that Papa made. Nothing like a chimera burning on a cooler day. And, yes once the weather gets nice, blog posting and reading falls behind...and that's OK.

Amy at love made my home said...

Gosh you had a busy weekend! Your new flower bed looks really great doesn't it! xx