Woods Country Cove

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This morning was  funny for me ,as our cat Harley was very interested in the stereo and cabinet it is in, I couldn't figure out what the heck  she was doing. I thought she has lost her marbles !



  I'm  like    HARLEY !!!!!get out of there !


                            HARLEY !!!!!  what's with you!


            OK KITTY!!!! get out of there NOW!!! I yelled !

Well later on in the morning, all this started about 7am  , Harley finally got out of there and went and laid down , I was watching the morning show as I usually do for a bit having my tea, Miggy was just laying in the kitchen.  Then all of a sudden I see this shadow run behind the TV and up on the back of  the fireplace, I thought I was seeing things had to do a take two, thought to myself, ok, I'm the one loosing it now lol, well I saw it again a few minuets later, it, it , it was a little mouse, poor little thing was so scared and very tiny! But I thought to myself  he can be scared out side not in my house lol I called Papa at work to tell him, he said did ya get a picture of it, I  said no silly I am trying to catch it ya nut. I then went to pull out the fireplace from the wall as it is a fake one , pulled all the electronics out  in hopes I can catch the little bugger, but no go, he was soo small he hid behind the TV that we have mounted on the wall, there are so many little nooks and crannies he can fit into there, well nutty me went and got gloves on to handle him in case I was able to get a hold of him, as well as some peanut butter,  doing all this in my jammies,putting the dog out side so she wont go nuts and try to chase it and knock everything flying, well he had a little nosh at the peanut butter and then turned his nose up at it after, guess our peanut butter isn't good enough for him lol   , so I tempted to just wait it out and see if I could catch him, on top of the living room being a mess now, me having a hot flash the cat not being a very good mouser the dog now out side barking her head off,  I had no luck ,he is a cheeky little mouse and seems to have a thing for electronics, must be a male lol.  He would hang over the top of the TV and stare at me as if to say nana nana you cant catch me  , so in spite of all this, mousey is still behind the TV keeping warm lol   As I was going through all this I was kind of laughing to myself thinking what a sight to see here lol. Papa will have to set traps tonight in hopes we catch him not what I wanted to have to do but so be it,guess we wont be using peanut butter lol,So needless to say I will be on the look out for him all day, find myself looking around the floor a lot today lol. The wonders and joys of living in the country in an old farm house.

I will keep you informed as to whether we catch him or not !

                        Hope you all have a good day !


Verde Farm said...

Oh my, Harley was onto something. I know that feeling of seeing a quick little shadow and you tell yourself "I imagined that." Later you realize there was a little mouse flitting around. They are cute and all but I don't want them in the house either. I would scream my head off just seeing one scurry around. Crazy for a grown woman to act that way but I still do :) Good luck.

Patsy said...

Little thing came in to get out of the cold and very brave with Harley in the house. I am like you it has to go.

Gail said...

So funny! Dad used a bucket of water in the barn with a sort of tipping board on top, when the mouse stepped onto the board, it would teeter and drop him in the water...no way to get out.

To quote a famous cartoon character, "I hate mieces to pieces."

Good luck with your hunt.