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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Papa got this old original country farm house  screen door from one of the guys at work..Papa said hey wait what ya planning to do with that door, the guy said get rid of it,   He was going to throw it out or cut it up for scraps!  Well , Papa said no don't do that  I'll take it, my wife would love it. So goes the story of the old farm house screen door that nearly got thrown out or chopped up. Papa is refurbishing it and then will paint it, that's what he is doing right now   . You cant get these original heavy farm house screen doors any more  with the detail and the good sturdy wood not as good as this one, thanks Papa ya always know how to make Mama happy !


DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0007               Can't wait to see it all finished !

  Stay tuned for the finished old country farm house  screen door !


Kritter Keeper said...

oooh i love that door, the ones we see are a bit thinner and not half as pretty! my husband let one similar go when we bought the old farm and i could just scream!!! kudos to papa! thank you for your nice comment on my blog about my paint horse! ;)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's a grand old screen door, so much original detail, it will be a lovely and practical addition to the farmhouse.
He's a good egg, your Papa. :)

Patsy said...

I like the door and it will be great for you and Papa.

Faye Henry said...

Ahhh...such a lovely old screen door... So nice to have a handy hubby.. My husband says that if you can't be handsome than you better be

West Side of Straight said...

What a papa!!!! Love that door, and it will look great when done. Those doors are rare, and to think it was to go in the garbage! Great find!

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a wonderful door..I love it! Ken will make it look better than new! :)