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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is 15 years ago today my dad passed away. He had struggled with cancer of the esophagus  for 2 years. He suffered from bad heartburn before he was diagnosed with cancer, back then Acid Reflux disease was not yet discovered. I to this day think that it was the Acid Reflux that  we called back then heartburn caused the cancer in his esophagus even though he was a smoker, of course that didn't help , but I still feel that if this disease was discovered  back then he may still be alive today, he was only 63 !

    Love you always dad !  Dad


Patsy said...

Sorry your dad died with cancer, my dad died 20 years ago this pass May today would have been his 97 birthday Like you I miss my dad very much.

Farmchick said...

What a great picture! So sorry you had to lose your Dad at such a young age.

Hope you can stop by and say hi. Also read about my up and coming Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Recipe swap. I would love to have you participate and share some of your family recipes, crafts or traditions. :)

Carol said...

I know how hard it is to lose a father so young. My dad was only 46. They are always with us though. Take good care today. ;>)

Anonymous said...

I always Loved Grandma and Grandpa.

They were the only grandparent's i looked forward to seeing. Grandma and her good old give ya a bunch of five telling that to me when i wasn't behaving. And well Sadly i don't remember too much about Grandpa only due to the fact i was so young (5) i do remember watching him play with the dog and help in the garden occasionally (provided Grandma let him anywhere NEAR her flowers)..

but the few memories i DO still remember about them i will take with my rest of my time here.

I love you all so much <3


Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sorry..he was very handsome and it sounds like you have some good memories:)