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Friday, November 19, 2010

SNAP !!!

Last night just after Papa and I turned in for the night at about 11 I heard a SNAP!  I said , Papa I heard the Snap. So Papa went to check on all the traps and he yelled GOTTCH YA ! Whether it be a animal or a rodent we still don't like to hurt them , but sometimes ya just have to do what ya have to do., we would of preferred to catch him and release him  in a field but he was a cheeky one . So we no longer have a little shadow staying with us, besides I was going to start charging him rent lol.

I am hobbling around today due to I have done something to my ankle and foot, I have no idea what or when , it is one of those mystery injuries so I have a tenser bandage  on to soften the blow of walking and some mioflex cream to help draw some heat and blood to the muscle, so for today I am hop along  lol  . Our boy's are coming down tonight to stay for the weekend, Papa is happy about that cause he will have them to help him do some chores and do guy things lol, I will have two more strapping mouths to feed as we sit around the dinner table as a family, Laugh, eat and enjoy. So today I will hobble around tiding up and preparing for the boys to arrive. Until next time my blogger friends. Have a wonderful weekend.


Patsy said...

Sorry to hear about your foot ,that could be bad having to cooking for the boys.Just maybe they will help you.
Have a good week-end

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope your foot gets better..good thing you caught the mouse..Harley looked like he was interested..but maybe he doesn't like mice for dessert:)