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Friday, September 9, 2016

A Bit Of This & That


The mornings have been cool , dewy and foggy , the sun rises have been pretty as Miggs and I sit on the patio porch in the  early mornings , I  still in my jammies ,  with my cuppa tea and we watch the yard wake up as the birds chirp and flit about the feeders after I refill them and clean and replenish the birds water about the yard  and watch the hummers play about and zoom from  their feeder to feeder , they will be leaving soon so they are feasting like crazy now  . Miggs and I have been puttering about and enjoying long walks early in the mornings . It has been humid through out the day with the odd cool breeze .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (4 of 23)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (9 of 23)

                                 The Cabbage Moths have been busy on the wild Asters in the field beside us .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (14 of 23)

                                                Some are white in colour and some a bright yellow and all so pretty !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (20 of 23)

                                    Berries  , grasses of all sorts , Goldenrod and flowers every where in the wilds of the field .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (12 of 23)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (19 of 23)

Our gardens are slowly winding down now as most of the plants come to the end of the season , soon I will be busy cutting  them back and putting them all to bed . We have lots of dried logs in the back to chop/split and store in the to burn pile in the wood sheds , they will be started on in the next week or so  bit by bit . I have seen some leaves falling from the trees already and signs of fall are about the land .  We are to be getting rain over night and most of the day tomorrow which is much needed , I cant remember the last time our summers were so dry .

Well  that's it for me for now  the weekend will be a relaxing one for us a sit back and take it all in weekend as we have been busy every weekend since the beginning of the summer and now like the season coming to an  end we take a bit of a slow down then it all starts again in the fall  which is just around the corner  ! My oh my how fast the days, the seasons and time go ?!

                                                                           Until next time .

                                                                  Country Gal


September Violets said...

I think the bird baths have been just as busy as the feeders this summer. You got some nice shots of moths on the asters. Love the mist too. Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

Denise inVA said...

How lovely to open your blog and see three pretty photos, and Miggs right there in the middle smiling at us. I leave smiling now :) Beautiful post. Hard to believe Autumn is around the corner already.

William Kendall said...

Lovely shots. It does feel like end of summer and start of fall. Some of the trees here are just starting to turn.

Linda said...

HI Elaine...
We came home from the forage this afternoon, as it was just too darn humid and windy...
I am fighting a horrible cold, which has now turned into a juicy cough....geesh!
Your pictures are fab as always....always feels sad when Fall starts to roll in...
Enjoy your weekend...
Linda :o)

Anvilcloud said...

I was just reading a link which pleads with us to not trim or gardens down until spring. Apparently, leaving them be can potentially be good for insect life, including bees and butterflies although I don't suppose it would matter much in our tiny garden.

Margaret Adamson said...

Lovely Moth shots and I love the close up of the Aster