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Monday, September 5, 2016

Our Last Long Weekend Of The Summer


Yup  that it is , our last long weekend of the summer . The kiddies in the area are back to school as of tomorrow as the school bus will be passing by twice a day now Mon to Fri . 

It was a nice weekend , the weather was pleasant  . We were busy on and off, got some things done that we wanted to do.  Miggs went to the groomer for a spa day on Saturday to get all trimmed and bathed  whilst we did some shopping  and some shopping  of a different kind .  Car parts shopping  .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (23 of 24)

    We went to the wreckers after Miggs was done at the groomers and there was a dog there that made friends with Miggs and she loved it, people in and out patting her on their way past. Then when we got home  Papa got busy with an oil change he did to the van and put in a new to us but used switch for the indicators , lights and what not to a new motor for the back window  windshield wiper ,  this van is 10 years old and knock on wood running well still  thanks to Papa being able to do a lot of the   work on it himself  and having a good reasonable mechanic up the road as well for any of the big jobs lol he was also busy  redoing a hood from the wrecker for our  van as the original hood was rusting inside and out and really not that  salvageable  so he got the same model of hood only in better shape ,  but it was teal blue  ,  now he did still have to do some body work to it and prime and paint and then finish up with a clear coating .

                                                                           Old hood !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (1 of 24)

                                                   His first time ever doing this and I think he did a wonderful job .

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                Re done hood that was in teal blue from the wrecker   .  It is a perfect match and done very well , great job Papa !

Now it is time to get things prepared for fall which is just around the corner on September 22nd the first day of the fall equinox  . WOW ! time fly's doesn't it ?!

                               I got some lovely mums from my mother in law and I have them on my front porch .

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SEPTMEBER 2016 (22 of 24)

         Soon it will be time to cut and trim back plants and  put the gardens to bed for the season as things slowly die off  whilst other plants thrive for the cooler weather  and rake in all the harvest gardens for some , chop wood for fireplaces and cozy down with sweaters and blankets .  Fall is approaching fast ! I am loving the cooler nights and days and having the windows open  to now that the humidity has left but sad that the summer is almost over .

My last post was of this pretty white dove I named Snowy who came to visit us and stayed around and ate food from our hands and perched up in the trees at night  and was kind enough to grace us with it’s presents and get photos  . But I am sad to report that Snowy  has now gone, sadly taken by a predator during the night as I found evidence  of white feathers all over the ground .. RIP Snowy  we will miss you ! Nature .. can be both kind and cruel .

                                                                                   Until next time

                                                                                Country Gal


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Anytime you can fix-up and use a little longer is a good plan...
The hood looks great !
Sweet Miggs I always love seeing her pictures :)
Flowers are fading, yet still give color, won't be long now and we'll be watching the leaves falling ....

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You are right, nature can be cruel - Sorry to hear about snowy.

But on the flip side, I so admire Papa for taking on that job - And what a good job he did! And who ever did Migg's did a great job too, she's lovely as always!!

Is it really time for Mum's? :-)!!!

The Furry Gnome said...

Feels like it's been a crazy summer here; hope you survived it all yourself!

William Kendall said...

Oh, sorry about the bird.

September Violets said...

Great job with the van hood. My van is starting to rust now too (it's only 17 years old!). That's so sad about the pretty dove. Don't you hate it when the birds get caught at night. Poor thing.

Amy at love made my home said...

Sad about snowy, but good about the other things. Children are back to school here too, walking to and fro past our house twice a day again! xx

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry to read of Snowy's apparent fate, Elaine. The car hood did turn out very nice.