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Monday, February 11, 2019

Special Weather Statement

 Hunkering Down Again
As of tonight we are to get another nasty winter storm rolling over southwestern Ontario with snow , freezing rain then rain and high winds its going to be ugly out there . We are ready for it with the generator standing by and all we need incase of power outage .  Bird feeders and suet feeders are full as well for the birdies as they seem to feast before and during storms .

Special Weather Statement
 Several hours of freezing rain Tuesday.

Precipitation will begin as snow overnight. Snow will change briefly to ice pellets, with 2 to 5 cm accumulation, before changing to freezing rain. Freezing rain will continue for several hours before changing to rain Tuesday afternoon. Travel is likely to be affected.

Additionally, strong easterly winds gusting up to 80 km/h are expected Tuesday.

This freezing rain is associated with a Colorado low that will cross Southern Ontario Tuesday and Wednesday.

Freezing rain warnings may be required as this event draws closer.

So this is pretty much what Miggs and Harley will be doing during the storm lol !

                                  So stay safe and cozy all who are in the path of the storm .
                                                                  Until next time.

                                          Country Gal



William Kendall said...

Apparently here we're expecting it as snow. It's nice to see Harley and Miggs in close company.

Rosella said...

Aw yes another storm on the way. I think we are ready over here too. The wood stove is going in case of power interruption and a sewing project supplies are ready for the making. Stay safe and warm!

Linda said...

Stay safe Elaine...

Margaret Adamson said...

As they say " Batten down he hatches"

Henny Penny said...

Well this is Tuesday and I wonder what it's like for you there. Hope you're okay. Glad you have a generator. It sounds like a terrible winter storm. Miggs and Harley are lucky to be inside with you two. I sent a picture of Miggs to my daughter. Like me, she thinks Miggs is the cutest dog she has ever seen, She loves the name Miggs too. Take care!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

We have a big snowstorm happening today, it's been snowing since morning and looks like a blizzard out there. Perfect night to sit by the fire with a good book!