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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It's Been Quiet Around Here

  Hello  , hope you are all well and getting through some of this wacky weather.
There hasn't been much going on  here at all with us hence the lack of posts and photos lol  . I have been doing a lot of watching the birdies at the feeders from my windows and Miggs and I have done a few of our morning walks when the roads are clear and the weather settles or gets sunny . We were all green for a bit there as the snow from the last storm melted then we got more snow and now that is melting and I see green patches of grass again but we are waiting for another snow freezing rain , rain storm to blow through  later today .

 We did have a few Cow birds show up at the feeders the other day which is odd this time of year . Maybe they know something we and the other birds don't like an early spring after this coming storm ,could this storm be the last one ? one can only hope so but like they say March WOW  soon to be here already  can be quit unpredictable .

Miggs just informed me that Spring is exactly 4 weeks away from today , I am excited about this and am already looking out for our spring birds through out our valley and yard  , Oh I have longed to hear the Robins , Red Winged black birds and Song Sparrows again . This time last year both the Robins and Red wings were already back .

Both Miggs and I are looking forward to all that Spring brings and the clocks bouncing forward to for more day light . Did any of you see or capture last nights  Super Snow moon ? it is the second super moon of 2019 to grace our skies, appearing bigger and brighter to the human eye than usual as it makes its closest approach to Earth in the lunar cycle.  Unfortunately it was cloudy for us so didn't get a chance to see or capture it  but the next super moon will be March 21st  .

                      Any who that's about it for us like the title says its been quiet here .
                                                                     Until next time
                                          Country Gal


Nawm D Gerr said...

I am in NW Arkansas and we are zone 6B. We get cold weather, but very little snow. I am loving the days staying light longer and I am hearing the Robins and Red Winged Blackbirds, which seem to introduce spring. Oh, and the dafodils are already coming up! Love your blog!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

And who wouldn’t believe her with that adorable face.

Margaret Adamson said...

Spring will soon be here for ou to get out more with Miggs

William Kendall said...

I did see the full moon, before it set, as my bedroom window faces west and I woke up to it.

Linda said...

Hang in There!
Linda :o)