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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Days Of November


WOW ! where do the months and days go . The weather has been mild here and still no snow on the ground for us  . The only moisture we have had is rain  and today was a lovely mild 13C or 55F  sunny with cloud and the winds are gently blowing , a perfect day for being outside and that is exactly where I was  , enjoying this late fall with all of its colour and our birdies feasting and playing in the cedar hedges  and at the feeders . 

I find the fields this time of year to quite pretty with all of its golds off whites , browns , silvers , greys and the odd pop of red from berries .

NOVEMBER 2016 (21 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (27 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (29 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (35 of 50)

     I find each season has its wonders and its own  eye candy to capture ! The land is never really boring looking if you look hard enough .

The birdies were playing hide and go seek with me today as they  peeked out at me with my camera from the safety of  the  cedars . It was fun to watch and capture them all though they are fast little things and flap here and there and bob and weave to try and confuse me lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 50)

                                                         This little Chickadee was having a ball playing peekaboo .

NOVEMBER 2016 (4 of 50)

                                              Hard to take photos when one is giggling at their cute playful  antics lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (6 of 50)

                                                           Then some other birds got in the game to .

NOVEMBER 2016 (11 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (14 of 50)

                                          Hey laaady !! over here ! said little red breasted nuthatch , they are soo cute .

NOVEMBER 2016 (15 of 50)

                    We have so many different breeds of birdies here it is hard to keep up with them and who is who lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (9 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (16 of 50)

We had a fun time playing peekaboo . Then I went out the front and took photos of Papa’s Christmas creations he put up over the weekend ! He has the new kaleidoscopes on the front lawn that shine like a disco ball they remind me of with red , green , blue and white  Christmas colours on the front of the house to . Now there will be a challenge for me taking night shots of it all light up  .

NOVEMBER 2016 (47 of 50)

Well looks who is hiding behind the dear on the right of the photo , why it is Miggs watching something across the road lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (50 of 50)

I will be decorating a bit inside soon , we have gone from a big tree over the years to a small one , I call our Charlie brown tree and less  is more now for us to !

NOVEMBER 2016 (10 of 50)

Miggs  is just happy to be  by my side  no matter what month or day it is or what the weather holds and that is ok by me .

                       I welcome December with new possibilities , the odd  little adventure and a maybe a new canvas for photos  .

                                                                                      Until next time .

                                                                                     Country Gal


Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely to catch up with things in your part of the world, and to see Miggs again and your decorations too!

William Kendall said...

Very friendly birds, I see!

Deb said...

Fun post, Elaine. Love the chickadee playing peek-a-boo. We, too, are now decorating a smaller tree at least while we are in the mouse-house.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Beautiful photos. Your Christmas decorations are so lovely. And Miggs is adorable, as always.

Gail said...

Your photos just touched my heart tonight.

Thank you.

Henny Penny said...

You make me want to go outside. You find beauty is lots of things and I love that. I didn't see Miggs behind the deer until you mentioned it. That last picture of Miggs is really good. Your outside decorations are so pretty!

Linda said...

Hi Elaine...
No snow here either...which is fine with me! Outdoor lights going up this Sunday...courtesy of my talented Son!
I will pick out a tree next week...
Those sweet Chickadees are so hard to capture!! Yours is splendid!
Enjoy your day...12 and wet here!
Linda :o)