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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Mild Start To November


It has been nice sunny  and mild here for the start of November and all the critters and birds have been out and about enjoying this unusual mild start to the month .

I found myself sneaking about with camera in hand  watching these little guys in the bird bath as they flit about and have a fun time and chatting to each other   as they all gathered in the bath .

NOVEMBER 2016 (8 of 42)

NOVEMBER 2016 (11 of 42)

NOVEMBER 2016 (17 of 42)

                                                                           It was funny to watch them in it !

Yeah know I actually saw a Monarch flutter over head to which is odd to see this late in the season . Looked like it was two of them as one stuck to the  other , this is their mating ritual  or courtship .  I have seen bees still about here to and lots of bugs still with this mild weather .

NOVEMBER 2016 (1 of 42)

                                                       Good lord even Dandelion's are growing again .

NOVEMBER 2016 (19 of 42)

                                                                     My Pansies are blooming again  as well  .

NOVEMBER 2016 (23 of 42)

                     Mr Squirrel seems to like the mild days of November to as he sits in our big old tree peaking out at us .

                                                                 And Miggs … well she doesn't seem to care .

NOVEMBER 2016 (24 of 42)

NOVEMBER 2016 (25 of 42)

                                                                         As she  snoozes in between yard duty .

NOVEMBER 2016 (30 of 42)

Little nutty one of our Red breasted nut hatch has been busy collecting seed and tap tapping seeds open on the tree trunk .

NOVEMBER 2016 (31 of 42)

                                     I think nature has become very confused with this mild start to November .

NOVEMBER 2016 (41 of 42)

NOVEMBER 2016 (42 of 42)

NOVEMBER 2016 (35 of 42)

NOVEMBER 2016 (37 of 42)

This mornings sun rise through a sky of cloud that has been threatening rain on and off all day today  . Rain for this afternoon and over night then sunshine and more mild temps  from Thursday to Sunday and this Saturday we turn the clocks back an hour .

Well that's all for now , the leaves are still falling  , birds are plenty at the feeders and Miggs and I are just enjoying this mild start to November .

                                                                                       Until next time .

                                                                                  Country Gal


Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, oh that's a cute picture with the birds bathing. I love the sweet wee Nuthatch, mine pop in now and then but have the naughty Grey Squirrel. Love Miggs, alwys looks beautiful. We are suppose to have a warm weekend, sure hope so.Happy November,Francine.

Deb said...

Amazing shots in the bath, Elaine. Is the tall bird on the lawn a Flicker?

William Kendall said...

It does look like those birds are having a ball!

Margaret Adamson said...

A plendid post with a great variety of birds in it. Love al the Sparrrows bathing and lovely shots of Miggs

Anvilcloud said...

So, I attached the liner to my coat ... and then it warmed up.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the birdbath pictures! I set mine up and envy your having all those cute birds around to enjoy it - For whatever reason, the birds just don't come to mine. Rest of your photos are fun too, and I'm sure that Miggs just wants Mr. Squirrel to think she doesn't care, then he'd better watch out! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Kristin_Texas said...

Your photos are so pretty! At first I thought your bird photos were actually paintings.