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Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome Autumn Or Fall


How ever you say it  we welcome you  .  I call it Fall and it arrives today at 10:29 pm and this morning it feels like fall temps are a chilly 10C or 50 F no humidity at all a lovely fresh breezy cool morning , Blue jays and Crow are squawking  and other birdies are  having breakfast at the feeders  ! Miggs and I are off for our walk  . I have posted  here a few  fall photos from my archives !

                                                             Changes of fall over the years !


                                                                      Our Valley 2010 , still green today !


                                                    Miggs playing in the leaves whilst Papa is raking 2011


                                                              Miggs still plays in the leaves every year !


                                        Downy wood pecker 2012  still waiting for him to show up to the suet's this year !


                                                                                     First frost 2012

Summer 2013 (31 of 36)

                                       Bumble bees collecting as much nectar as they can 2013 ! All gone already now !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (24 of 32)

Today 2014  not many trees have changed some flowers are done whilst others still thrive , cool temps and breezes with warm sunshine , rain here and there .  Hummers are still hanging in here but others have left weeks ago . It is amazing how different the seasons are from year to year , how it seems to go in cycles .

                                                                Fall over the years has been different but always beautiful !

                                                                              HAPPY FALL !

                                                    Country Gal


Bethany Carson said...

Fun to see Miggs playing in the leaves! Looks like your area of the country is beautiful! Great shot of the flower in the first frost.

Linda Kay said...

Love seeing Miggs playing in the leaves. If we had some, I'm sure my Polly would be in them. We still have hummers, but we still also have some trumpet flowers for them to feed on. Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

It was a cooler welcome to Fall this morning, thought it is going to be in the 20's from Wednesday onwards. I was out taking photos of the trees changing colour this morning.

Amy at love made my home said...

After seeing your wonderful pictures Elaine, I think that I am going to call it Miggs playing in the leaves is so much fun season!!! She looks as though she is having the time of her life. I was recently told (in no uncertain terms) by someone that fall is a different season in America between Summer and Autumn........ I didn't say anything, just smiled. If Fall is when the leaves come down, what happens in Autumn, and if Autumn is when the leaves come down what happens in Fall?? I didn't ask. Lovely to see your photos and Happy Fall/Autumn/Nice to see Miggs in the leaves to you! xx

Pamela Gordon said...

Pretty fall pics, Elaine. It's sunny and very warm and humid here today and I'm hanging on to it while it lasts!

Deb said...

beautiful photos Elaine - I especially loved seeing miggs enjoying the leaf pile ♥ adorable.
have a wonderful week.

William Kendall said...

Well of course she must play in the leaves! How can she resist?

Jane and Chris said...

I absolutely love the first frost's beautiful!
Jane x
PS This evening's wind has a bit to it.

Gail said...

As always beautiful pictures.

We've had no frost yet but the counting of fogs in August says we will have many snows.

Muffy's Marks said...

The Northern Wisconsin maple's are just about at peak. Hubby and I are taking a drive tomorrow. Can't wait to get some good pics.