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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Hint of Winter !


The weather is getting cold again and the winds are still blowing  just not as gusty as they have been .

Miggs and I went for our walk this morning . I heard a sound that I haven't heard since last year at this time   , It is a distinct sound from way up in the sky .


                                                                    Tundra Swans .

Every year they migrate to a small conservation area on the outskirts of the small town of Aylmer Ontario a 20 min drive from us   . This year I plan to go there to get some close up shots of theses beautiful birds .


                                    Then we have the Blue jays that just love to hog the feeders lol !


              The Downy Woodpeckers have been loving their suet's and chowing down for hours every day  !



           Mr Cardinal has been popping around every now and then but doesn’t seem to stay long  , They seem to disappear for a bit in October  and then return  by  late November .DSC_0014


                     Miggs is still Miggs no matter what season it is lol  . She has grown her shaggy coat now for the colder weather  from the shocking shaved summer look lol !


The air now has that arctic feel and smell to it after a week or two of strange flip flop weather and warm temps . I think old man winter is making his way here now for a longer stay !

                                                                      Sure feels  like it !

                                                    Until next time  .. Have a good day !

                                                                       Country Gal


Julie Marie said...

As always, your photos are so beautiful... I love your gorgeous Swans... well, I love ALL of your birds!... our Jays are piggies too... if they run out of peanuts, they stare at me through the back deck window and squawk at me until I take them out more!... love those guys!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jane and Chris said...

Crikey it was flipping cold this morning! The sun has just come out...let's hope it melts the snow.
Jane x

TexWisGirl said...

the swans would be really neat to see and hear!

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine...Those Tundra Swans must be a beautiful sight, hope you get to visit them!!
Ya the winter birds are hungry and, visiting the feeder's and Miggs is back to the winter
games : )) !!
Your weather is sounding like here!! We had our first rain Sunday night since the last of October, no snow yet either!! The wind is blowing like crazy , yesterday 55 degrees today will be the 30's at best!!


Eggs In My Pocket said...

We have had flip flop weather as well. Love Miggs! Your photos are so pretty! I would love to see a tundra swan!

Pamela Gordon said...

Great photos of the birds in your backyard! I wish we'd get a cardinal here. It would be great to see all those swans flying over! I hope you get some photos of them up close. Have a great week.

Pat said...

Love all your pics! Can't wait to see close-ups of those swans! Those guys look huge!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I can't wait to see the Swans-I bet they are beautiful. I also love the Cardinal-so very pretty. Are days are getting colder and colder; snow is supposed to hit on Thursday. Hope you are staying warm.
Hugs, Noreen

Amy at love made my home said...

Apparently we are due for wintery days ahead over here in England, so it must be even colder for you! I am sure that all of your birds are appreciative of the food that you put out for them. xx

Patsy said...

You have wonderful post on your blog. I always enjoy them.

Michelle said...

That Cardinal is a beauty.

Muffy's Marks said...

It was 16 here this morning. I agree, Old Man Winter is moving in!!! brrrrrrrrr

Faye Henry said...

Such beautiful pics. Love the cardinal one.. I haven't seen any of them yet.. Sure hope I do.. xo

Vee said...

How amazing to see the tundra swans in flight! Thank you for stopping by today. I'd love to have you join us for the December Note Card Party. It's a lot of fun!

Robin Johnson said...

Sounds like we are having similar weather. I am getting ready for some snow here. Can't wait.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Cold weather has not made a return here for a couple of weeks now, but then I wish it would because the unseasonably warm fall is not what I like. A chill in the air would be a welcome relief.