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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Dusting Of Snow


Woke this morning to a lovely sun rise cold air and a dusting of snow . Our first snow fall .

Fall 2013 November (6 of 46)Fall 2013 November (11 of 46)

          When I let Miggs out this morning she was surprised to see  snow on the ground .

Fall 2013 November (5 of 46) Then I got bundled up took Miggs for a nice walk , then after  we played in the yard and I took photos.

Fall 2013 November (2 of 46)

The weather has been cloudy  windy and wet for the last few days and the trees have unleashed more leaves in the yard , now they have snow on them .

Fall 2013 November (21 of 46)

                    I don't mind the first light snow falls gives me a new canvas to photograph .

Fall 2013 November (3 of 46)

It rained first during the night then snowed and the temps dropped and so froze this pattern into the patio !

Fall 2013 November (20 of 46)

                  There is just something about the first snow fall or a dusting of snow that I love . Ok give me till at least March and I will be fed up with the white stuff  lol  But for now I like it !

Fall 2013 November (19 of 46)

Fall 2013 November (36 of 46)

                                           Doesn't take much snow for Miggs to have fun in it !

Fall 2013 November (27 of 46)

                                                         Little critters foot prints on the steps .

Fall 2013 November (15 of 46)

          I had  just filled this up  and this little guy decided to jump in and get  some breakfast early before the rest come to gorge !

Fall 2013 November (41 of 46)

                          Just enough snow on the ramp of Papa’s tool shed to write in the snow !

Fall 2013 November (42 of 46)

Fall 2013 November (40 of 46)

         The sun has gone in now and the clouds have arrived and so has some more snow here and there !

Fall 2013 November (1 of 6)

                                       So the girls and I are in for the afternoon all warm and cozy .

                                                 Until next time …have a snap happy day !

                                                          Country Gal


TexWisGirl said...

a nice 'ease' into the season.

we're going to have our first freeze tonight - so winter is coming to texas, too. :)

Jane and Chris said...

Flipping heck it was cold this morning...still is..but his morning the trees were making that cracking sound.
Jane x

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi It was lovely to snow even a small amount of snow. Don,t know what Miggs makes of it.

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, oh the dusting of snow is so pretty, I did like the snow......beautiful pictures and love the writing you did, sweet........Do you believe tomorrow the temperature is going to plus 8, wow!!!!! We are usually the ones with the snow, Blessings Francine.

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks so beautiful. Just as if someone had sprinkled sugar over everything! Stay warm! xx

Pamela Gordon said...

The first dusting of snow is always so pretty and I'm with you when March comes and we want spring. Beautiful photos! Stay cozy.

Michelle said...

We had snow this morning here in KY. Cold too! Stay warm!

Faye Henry said...

Sweet post..
We had some snow here in the province but we only had rain..
Take care, my friend...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Flurries were predicted here today, despite the fact that we never did get much fall and still have leaves on the trees in our yard.

fernvalley01 said...

sweet pics, I always love to see Miggy! I like the first couple of snows too, then I get over it in a hurry

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The outdoors is so pretty with just a dusting of snow and plants still peeking through. We got a bit more than you and right away the sidewalks were salted! My dog's pads are so sensitive to salt he's sitting down and crying before we get too far. I try to make him walk on the grass but routine says the sidewalk is the place.
I like all your ♥ writings in the snow.