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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Words For Wednesday !


The weather has been wonderful , sunny, warm with cool breezes . This morning  it is  a bit over cast with light rain  a bit muggy in the air with a fresh cool breeze and the sweet smell of apple blossoms from the apple orchards in the area , all the wild flowers in the ditches , forest and fields , all reminds me of a camping morning in the woods !

Miggs and I have been puttering , going for our walks and tending to the gardens  well I have lol Miggs has been keeping on chipmunk and squirrel patrol lol !

In the last post I mentioned and showed that wood pile we put down by the road for free , well it went  and fast , a very nice man collected it all up and told me he uses it in a wood burning furnace and fireplace through out the winter for his family on their farm so I was all to happy someone like him was able to haul it all away and he is coming back for some more that we have , he was very appreciative of it being free  . Lots of the farms use wood for their source of heat through out the winters here ,  Wood here is in high demand and it is expensive witch I think is crazy  . it’s bad enough hydro and gas are on the rise but wood ? NUTS !!  I say !

JUNE 2014 (8 of 16)

                       I took a few photos of our gardens with the solar lights on in the dusk of the  evening ! The gardens are doing well again this year and I am looking forward to them all in their full glory .

JUNE 2014 (16 of 16)

JUNE 2014 (13 of 16)

Papa was in his shop busy ,…. with what you may ask ? Well our neighbours had a Chiminea sitting in their yard for some time and it seemed they didn’t use it so one day Papa asked them about it  and they said they didn’t want it but didn’t know what to do with it , it is made of cast iron the kind I like  , funny that , I have been wanting one of those lol so they gave it to us  yup gave it , they were happy to get rid of it  and we were happy to receive it lol so Papa has been in his shop restoring it… it is in fairly good shape but a few things need to be tweaked  lol !

JUNE 2014 (2 of 16)

                   The evenings have been damp and hazy as you can see the damp air around the moon here in this photo and the mosquitos have been out in full force .. OUCH !!!

 JUNE 2014 (21 of 43)

        Birds have been busy with their babies, still nesting and serenading us , early mornings , noon and eveningJUNE 2014 (35 of 43)

All in all the days have been wonderfully full of beautiful weather , wonder , and being in awe as always of the nature we are so blessed to have here !

Oh which reminds me .. we have a family of fox down by the river , a Mama and her 3 pups , I am trying to get photos of them but they are tricky little things to capture lol !

                                                                            Until next time my friends !

                                                                                     Country Gal


Pamela Gordon said...

Your yard looks very pretty at dusk with your sweet lanterns on. I really like the ones hanging on the stakes and they aren't that cool blue light. They actually look like candle or lantern light. Is that domed building for a telescope? It's sunny here today but we have 3 days of rain coming next. Have a great day!

Kay said...

You live in a very pretty place.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your garden is looking beautiful, especially your hostas, it seems that they grow like wildfire in your garden they are so big! The new to you chiminea sounds great, we have a cast iron one, but only use it occasionally as it seems to be too hot in the summer and then too wet in the autumn for sitting out. Perhaps this year! xx

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, always love to see your beautiful yard, flowers, Blessings Francine.

Jane and Chris said...

It's been raining mosquitoes here today!
Jane x

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, It seems like forever since I've been able to sit and visit friends in blogland. So glad to catch up here! What a wonderful gift you have given your neighbor with the wood. Your flowers look beautiful and your yard as well.
Please give Miggs a big hug from us.

William Kendall said...

It's not surprising that the wood goes quickly like that.

I remember a fox that used to pass through my parents' place in cottage country. The cats routinely put it in its place.

Anvilcloud said...

Are you missing the two days of rain that we're getting? Doesn't seem right somehow. :)

Michelle said...

Glad to hear Miggs has it all under control!

Vee said...

That's great that someone can use the free wood. It would all be gone in a hurry around here, too. Lots of people burn wood or have a pellet stove. I think it's also wonderful that you've gained a little something yourself. Funny how that works. Your yard looks wonderful!