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Thursday, May 19, 2016

It’s Been a Tough Few Weeks


It has been a tough few weeks for my family as my sister was in hospital fighting for her life ,  sadly she lost the fight and passed last Saturday , it has been a shock for us all as she was still very young and had just turned 62 on the Friday and passed the next day  Saturday evening  . No one had a clue or knew she had these aneurysms  in her brain  as there was no symptoms at all  . I would like to thank you all for your kind heart felt words and prayers for our family  it all really helped us through this difficult time . My sister Ann wishes for us to celebrate her life  and plant a tree or two as a memorial in her name so we will be doing that soon .   My sister would want us to carry on  so I am trying to do that , I even slowed down on my photography  these past few weeks but   my sister loved flowers , gardening , birds and nature as I do  and had said she loved my photos as she would see them on my face book page  and clicked  liked or commented on them  every time I posted them  .

I have been outside busy in my gardens for quite some time readying them for more perennials  and pulling weeds ,I find gardening very therapeutic as is photography and nature  so I got my camera and started taking more photos  again .

MAY 2016 (1 of 26)

MAY 2016 (10 of 26)

All the blossom's are out in full force , Lilacs are blooming bit by bit and my garden plants and flowers have all come alive as the weather has been sunny and warm .

MAY 2016 (6 of 26)

MAY 2016 (8 of 10)

         The bees  have been busy  collecting pollen on the blooms and blossoms  as the odd butterfly flitters by picking and choosing where to land   , birds and critters have all been busy feasting  at the feeders  and  nesting  , the yard has been busy and I am loving it .

MAY 2016 (23 of 26)

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MAY 2016 (18 of 26)

MAY 2016 (19 of 26)

MAY 2016 (19 of 33)

                                     These two were dancing about sizing each other up and fighting for territory .

MAY 2016 (23 of 33)

MAY 2016 (25 of 26)

Miggs and I have been taking long walks in the mornings and she chasing squirrels on and off all day so she takes lots of naps in the warm sunshine in her favorite spot by  one of the gardens.

MAY 2016 (24 of 26)

A few clouds to the north but the sky's over us and to the south, east and west have been so clear and so blue with lots of sunshine .

MAY 2016 (14 of 26)

                  I didn't plant these at all they came from one of my planters that I dumped into the garden last fall . I like these Pansies  they are so hardy and pretty and they spread like mad . I am loving all the blooms that are popping up and out now and the birds are all back and keeping me entertained lol !

This weekend is a long weekend for us here in Ontario and the weekend where all  of us gardeners go plant shopping  at our favorite garden centers like myself , oh I cant wait, I  love our big garden center they have a cute little shop with in the center to . Yeah plant shopping then plant them all and enjoy .  So a busy yet fun weekend is ahead for us .

                                                                          Until next time .

                                                                Country Gal


Leah said...

So sorry to read this ~ wrap yourself in memories, photography and the beautiful things around you as you remember your sister.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely oriole photos. They won't stay still long enough around here, but are singing up a storm in the back trees. I'm trying some jelly this year, our favourite bird store uses it and has good success. It is so lovely to see the blooms all burst out at this time of the year. Finally some nice weather to spend time planting the veggie seeds and tomato plants. Enjoy the weekend.

Gail said...

So sorry for your great loss. Your sister would want you to live doing the things you love.

Have a blessed day.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Sending hugs my friend and nature and beautiful flowers do heal the soul.Miggs looks quite comfortable. Beautiful beautiful shots. Have fun shopping and planting. HUGS B

William Kendall said...

Beautiful colours in these spring shots. The loss of a sibling's a hard one, having had been there myself.

Faye Henry said...

My heart goes out to you dear friend.. Praying God will comfort you in your loss and give you peace.... The flowers and birds are just so lovely and so glad they give you joy.. God bless. xo

Michelle said...

I know this is a difficult time for you. Prayers

The Furry Gnome said...

So sorry you've had to deal with this tragedy. Hope you will eveutally be able to focus on the happy memories.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I've thought of you this week, and again, my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your sister, Ann. I am glad you're able to get out in the sun and your beautiful garden, I hope it continues to help you find the comfort and peace at what I know is a sad time.

Henny Penny said...

Your flowers are just beautiful! Working outside, especially in the flowers is a healthy, cheerful thing to do and helps make you feel better, at least it does me. I'm so sorry about your sister. Sweet Miggs looks like he is resting good. Take care.

Margaret Adamson said...

I feel you sister would thank you for this post of beautiful flowers you have grown adn shown us today. You will miss her greatly. Have a wonderful weekend at the plant centre.

Amy at love made my home said...

I think a tree or two is a wonderful way to remember a loved one. Hugs to you, enjoy finding good things in the garden. xx

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I understand what a hard time you are going through, and send you healing thoughts in the passing of your dear sister.
Your flowers are beautiful and planting a tree in your sister's memory is such a fitting tribute to remember her by.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our good thoughts and well wishes are with you and your family at this sad time, Elaine. You honor Ann's memory through your beautiful images shared with all of us fellow bloggers.

Anvilcloud said...

Beautiful flowers for a heavy heart.

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm glad you are starting to enjoy your hobbies again after losing your dear sister. May God bless you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

My sympathy, comfort yourself with good memories:)