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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Busy Weekend

We just had a long weekend this past weekend and it has been a busy one  . Papa was busy putting on a steel roof for a friend for the best part of the weekend but had Monday , Yesterday and today off as a mini vacation plus it is his Birthday today , Happy Birthday Papa  . I got Papa his birthday gift early as I know he would enjoy it after this busy weekend he has had . Miggs likes to lay under it  .

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Miggs did not like Papa being away working over the weekend that's for sure  but when he got home on the one evening  she was showing Papa how she tells the squirrels in the tree that were screaming at each other and fighting to stop .

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I have been busy in the yard and in my gardens weeding and making sure all my new perennials are healthy and watered as we haven't had enough  rain to give them a good drink  in over a week . Everything is coming along wonderfully regardless of the lack of mother natures  rain  which is better then tap water but oh well  all  is looking good now and I find watering my gardens with the hose and sprayer oh shower  very relaxing .  I also have been taking photos of bird couples and Mama’s and Papa’s feeding their babies as we now have lots of new baby birds about .

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This little baby Robin above was squeaking all weekend for Mama to find him and bring him food but he can fly really well now so wont be long till he is finding food for himself .

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                                                  Mrs Dovey below has been in her nest all week and hasn’t moved !

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This Catbird  above is very skittish and hard to capture as they never sit still for long but I do love the sound of them . They seem to appear at dusk and dawn .

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                                                                           My summer garden flag is now up !

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                                                  After our walks Miggs has been catching some rays of sunshine lol !

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My Lilac bushes have been soo lovely again this year and full of blooms , it is so nice to have the fresh sent of them in the house .

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                                                                       The evening sunsets have been pretty !

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                 We have had nice chiminea fires going in the evenings as we enjoy the sun sets and birds singing and chatting away before the night falls  from the patio porch .

It may still be spring but the temps have been summer like here , our Hummers , Barn swallows , Eastern King Birds , Wrens , Warblers and Thrashers are all back now with the rest of our spring and summer birds  and our trees ,  hedges and all feeders  have been busy with birds whilst the bees buzz and feed on what flowers that have already bloomed and the odd butterfly flutters by waiting for my butterfly bushes and plants to bloom . Oh I do love this time of year .

                     Making another trip to the garden center today to get our last bit of plants and Miggs will be coming with us as she loves to go there and the centers staff just adore her  . 

                                                                                Until next time .



eileeninmd said...

Hello, happy Birthday to your hubby! Adorable shots of Miggs. Beautiful sky captures, I like your chiminea, fires in the evening sound like a lovely way to end the day.
Enjoy your day and week ahead!

Deb said...

Beautiful photos, Elaine. And so many babies. :) I bet papa loves that gift. lol

William Kendall said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos as always Elaine. I love the one of Ken sleeping in his hammock and Miggs sleeping under it. :) Have a great day today!

Michelle said...

Looks like nice, relaxing times at your place. Love the bird pics!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! Who wouldn't love a hammock for their birthday?
Lovely photos Elaine...
Enjoy the rest of your week....
Linda :o)

NanaNor's said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I loved all the pics, especially of the birds. I remember Catbirds as being mean and chasing dogs around-probably due to babies in the nest. I do enjoy hearing all the songs from the birds. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

The Furry Gnome said...

It's finally feeling like summer here too.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

A gogrgeous post with beautiful shots to end with but I had to laugh at that first shot. sleepiing on the both those guy!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Birthday wishes to hubby!!!! I always enjoy your bird pictures, love seeing all of them... Your fire looks so cozy, sounds comforting.Blessings Francine.