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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Birds , Blooms, Buds & Critters Oh My !


It was another fantastic day weather wise and I was out enjoying it all with my Miggs.  The birds were happily singing and feasting and practically posing for me to . 

Mr Cardinal especially was in the mood to strike a pose or two where usually he takes off at the sight of the camera  but I guess since it is mating season here he thought I might put his pic up on a dating site for birds  lol !

APRIL 2016 (7 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (16 of 70)

                                                                         Oh lady get this side it is my best side !

APRIL 2016 (17 of 70)

                                                                                            No No how about this !

APRIL 2016 (20 of 70)

                                                                                           Or This !

APRIL 2016 (21 of 70)

                                        So I took lots of photos of him and then he got bored and flew away , oh well  lol  !

                                                                            Then I saw this bird pecking about ,

APRIL 2016 (23 of 70)

Thinking to my self I have seen you before  but what type of bird are you ? so off I went to my birding books and WHALLA ! This is a female Red Winged Black bird .

APRIL 2016 (25 of 70)

                      Then I was walking the yard some more and found some blooms  and buds ready to pop !

APRIL 2016 (12 of 70)

                            One of my may Lilac bushes as they all are ready to pop with beautiful flowers and scent !

APRIL 2016 (30 of 70)

I have loads of English daisies all in different colours that have already bloomed and will keep blooming till fall !

APRIL 2016 (32 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (33 of 70)

                                                                               A few Pansies have bloomed to !

APRIL 2016 (31 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (34 of 70)

                             As I was enjoying the flowers  more birds were getting my attention to photograph them !

APRIL 2016 (60 of 70)

Like Mr & Mrs Sparrow pecking on the car port floor collecting tiny bits of gravel . Birds use gravel to eat to help with digestion .

APRIL 2016 (61 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (50 of 70)

                                             Then Mr & Mrs Dovey got in the act !Oh look Mr Dovey is snoozing .

APRIL 2016 (24 of 70)

                                                              Mrs Charlie had few words to say to !

APRIL 2016 (27 of 70)

                                                                             As did little Finch Mrs Robin and Chickadee !

APRIL 2016 (29 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (54 of 70)

                                                Yup it can get quite noisy in the yard but it is the kind of noise I love !

APRIL 2016 (5 of 70)

                                                 Mr Squirrel was busy watching for Miggs on one side of the tree.

APRIL 2016 (2 of 70)

                                                                   And Mrs was just hanging around !

APRIL 2016 (28 of 70)

                           Mr Cardinal wanted me to snap a shot of him here  thought it would be good for a profile photo maybe he is hoping for a profile photo for birds are us and not being naked as a Jay bird  lol ! which by the way most of our Blue Jays have gone now .

APRIL 2016 (66 of 70)

                                                My Forsythia bush is blooming with her pretty yellow flowers !

APRIL 2016 (67 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (64 of 70)

                                                         Our big old trees buds have  almost popped in to leaves .

APRIL 2016 (63 of 70)

I have this growing in my driveway garden all though I haven't planted anything that looks like this  I tried to search it but came up with a type of milkweed maybe a whorled milkweed plant ( Asclepias verticillata )   but I am not sure of that , any of you avid gardeners know what this is ? and if so please could you let me know .

APRIL 2016 (39 of 70)

We have a wild field beside  us and I think seeds reseeded from it when they cut it last year  just don't remember seeing this in the field though lol  it is a mystery to me now lol !

APRIL 2016 (36 of 70)

Oh well I guess I will find out and then decide to pull it or not  , if it is indeed good for bees and butterfly's well it will stay I will just try to keep it under control seems it may be a bit evasive !

APRIL 2016 (56 of 70)

These two took turns eating and going for a swing swong here ! It was hard to capture them as the plate was swaying to and fro !APRIL 2016 (70 of 70)

Well that was my day of enjoying the birds , blooms . buds and critters  didn't see our Alvin the chipmunk maybe he was busy some where else . Miggs was busy snoozing and watching the yard ,

APRIL 2016 (59 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (69 of 70)

APRIL 2016 (42 of 70)

                            Rain for today and possible thunderstorms but temps will be up to a warm  18C or 64F possibly higher .

                                                                                         Until next time .

                                                                                        Country Gal


Gail said...

I am always thrilled by your amazing pictures.

Jane of Levant said...

Hello Elaine - what a great selection of pictures - I especially like your red cardinal shots - you certainly have taken him from the right angle he will be well pleased - !! cuddles to Miggs - Jane and Bluey UK

Linda Kay said...

Beautiful birds and flowers, but none so pretty as the cardinal.

William Kendall said...

The cardinals are quite photogenic. Soon the blackbirds are going to be quite territorial for a few weeks while nesting.

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon. Love the Cardinal, wish we had them here. Wonderful pictures of Nature and Miggs.Blessings Francine.

Janneke said...

Always lovely days when we can enjoy flora and fauna. That Mr. Cardina is of extra-ordinary beauty, the girls will be flattered.

Amy at love made my home said...

Hope your cardinal soon finds a mate so that you have baby cardinals! xx

Wendy said...

I did enjoy reading your post and seeing the birds and flowers where you are. Mr Cardinal is such a striking bird and Miggs looks gorgeous.

Anvilcloud said...

Ah yes, I didn't know until recently that the females weren't really black or red-winged. I had forgotten until this post reminded me.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks likr great stuff going on in your garden! Love the posing Cardinal!

Dagmar said...

Wonderful photos, lucky you to have so many birds to take photos of!