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Monday, April 18, 2016

It Was A Lovely Weekend



WOW !  What a lovely weekend . Papa and I were out side all weekend puttering tidying up the gardens and yard and putting up patio furniture and enjoying the summer like weather , I think we passed spring and went straight into summer for this weekend for sure  I am good with that  .

            First of all this is what the temps were all weekend  with lots of clear blue sky's and sunshine and this is in the shade  10 degrees warmer in the sun !

APRIL 2016 (1 of 36)

                 Flowers are blooming in the gardens , trees buds are almost popped into leaves and bushes are ready to pop .

APRIL 2016 (3 of 36)

  APRIL 2016 (29 of 36)

 APRIL 2016 (31 of 36)

APRIL 2016 (32 of 36)

Papa got a new power washer so he was busy cleaning all the concrete walk ways patios and porches of the house and the siding of the house it’s self , it looks much better now all clean .

APRIL 2016 (15 of 36)

APRIL 2016 (23 of 36)

APRIL 2016 (24 of 36)

The girls Miggs and her cousin Shadow spent the weekend following us about and doing what dogs do lol !

APRIL 2016 (8 of 36)

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                                     Time for a break for Papa with his buddies  after an few hours of power washing .

APRIL 2016 (26 of 36)

Then Papa cut the grass and also was testing my tractor to make sure all was good after we had it fixed .

APRIL 2016 (34 of 36)

I was puttering in my gardens mostly and did laundry and was able to finally hang it out on the line to dry .

APRIL 2016 (28 of 36)

APRIL 2016 (36 of 36)

And then finally  early  Sunday evening when all was said and done and we enjoyed a beautiful weekend out side Papa put up his other bird house on his work shop  , now we have three barn bird houses up and two other bird houses about the yard  and two of his barn houses  are happily occupied , now Papa is on another project and that is my white corner picket fence garden he is building . The moths and other bugs are about now to the peepers are singing at night in the marsh and down on the river banks love that sound with the windows open at night and fresh breeze's blowing in  and I saw three Red Admiral butterfly's  and a Cabbage moth or two today fluttering about . Our Cat birds and Grosbeaks are back along with our other spring birds so far and the next birds to show up will be the  Hummers , Oriel's , Warblers , Thrashers and Oven birds .    Oh boy I love this time of year .

                                                         So that was our lovely weekend . Hope your weekend was just as good .

                                                                                                      Until next time .

                                                                                               Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

I was in shorts+tees for awhile yesterday and went for my morning stroll sans jacket this morning.

Linda Kay said...

Rain, rain, and more rain for us, and not complaining, as thunder and lightning are rare for South Central Texas! Love your Miggs and the shepherd is beautiful.

Pamela Gordon said...

Sunday was our best day here Elaine as the wind dropped and shifted from the cold east to southwesterly. It hit 20 degrees! It was really a gorgeous day and we enjoyed our deck and a barbecue. I love the pics of the dogs together. So cute! Haven't heard the peepers yet. Have a great day!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The gorgeous weather continues today, hubby is putting together a chipper/shredder that we bought in January for a fantastic sale price. I'll soon have fresh mulch for the back gardens.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, love the pretty flowers and the cute pups. I must have missed the Grosbeaks, they usaully stop by here on their way north. I have not seen a Catbird yet either. I have to pay more attention. Wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

William Kendall said...

Lovely shots! It certainly has warmed up here too. Today's been more cloudy.

Primitive Stars said...

Beautiful pictures of your blooms and I love the dogs together, sweet.Blessings Francine.

The Furry Gnome said...

I'm sure my weekend was even better! Got a bunch of gardening done, but got out for a paddle down the Bighead River, the earliest I've ever been on the water! Otherwise a beautiful weekend, just like you.

Margaret Adamson said...

I love the photographs of the2 dogs together.