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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Indoor Blooms


I may not have any outdoor blooms  yet as this spring really doesn’t know what it is doing but I do have indoor blooms to help with the on and off spring winter thing that's going on out there right now !

APRIL 2016 (1 of 10)

And even though it is cold again out there with the sun shining and the blooms indoors well  one has hope for spring to be here as it should be soon . 

APRIL 2016 (2 of 10)

APRIL 2016 (4 of 10)

                                                 A mason jar I decorated with butterfly stickers for a vase lol !

APRIL 2016 (9 of 10)

           A cup of  tea in the mug I got from my kids ,  with morning  sunshine shining in my kitchen  with one of my many jugs I collect  and flowers in bloom in my mums old vase   , oh the loveliness !.

Not much going on here Miggs and I went for a walk puttered for a bit out side as the sun was shining , now the clouds have moved in for the afternoon and the winds have that bite to them again so we are now inside in the warmth , I oohing and aweing over last years garden photos as I plan what to plant again this year and where !

               Rain/snow for tomorrow  but I have indoor blooms so I am good lol ! Hope all this wacky weather will take pity on my outside spring flowers and not harm them .

                                                                                     Until next time .

                                                                                     Country Gal flower-basket


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

It's a nice sunny day, cool but we got outside and got the rain guage set up on a post. Your blooms are pretty, nice arrangements of house plants. Fingers crossed the weather will be warmer next week.

Linda said...

I was thinking the same thing Elaine.....I have a few nice blooms indoors...
Enjoy your week...
Linda :o)

Anvilcloud said...

What a great display!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love having fresh flowers indoors. They are all so pretty. I hope it warms up today, we had temps below freezing yesterday. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, so pretty your blooms are. More snow here, oh well.Blessings Francine.

William Kendall said...

Your indoor blooms really look pretty!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your flowers and plants are looking healthy, all that sunshine makes them happy.
Lovely mug for our favorite drink !