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Thursday, April 7, 2016

About The Yard !


It has been quiet but productive here at Woods Country Cove . Rain has been falling , sun has been trying to shine in between the clouds whilst  peepers chirp in the marsh and by the river  , whilst birds sing and both them and the critters are  busy with feasting and nesting and chasing each other around ,  flowers and grass growing trees and bushes budding and spring try's her best to keep a hold on it all !

Miggs and I went for our daily morning walk  , when we got back it seemed like a good time to take photos as it had just rained and all was a buzz and out and about  in the yard .

APRIL 2016 (4 of 73)

                                                        Puddles are every where , like this one on our patio !

APRIL 2016 (6 of 73)

                     Spring flowers are loving all this rain we have been getting  and the odd day of warmer temps.

                                                              April showers bring May flowers as they say !

APRIL 2016 (8 of 73)

And the Robins have been loving the rains to as they have been scooping up loads of worms and grubs from the ground and singing from the roof and tree tops !

APRIL 2016 (12 of 73)

                                                                       Lots of plants growing in my gardens now !

APRIL 2016 (9 of 73)

APRIL 2016 (13 of 73)

APRIL 2016 (14 of 73)

                                                  English Daisies just love the rains and cooler temps !

APRIL 2016 (15 of 73)

APRIL 2016 (16 of 73)

                       Above are our big maple tree buds and below are my Lilac bush buds all getting ready to pop soon !

APRIL 2016 (17 of 73)

APRIL 2016 (18 of 73)

                                                     My  gardens are  getting full of spring flowers and growth  .

   APRIL 2016 (22 of 73) 

                                            This is the only  Pansy so far from last year that reseeded its self !

APRIL 2016 (28 of 73)

Our sweet little Song Sparrow was serenading me as I was wondering about taking photos , he sat ever so nicely for me and sang his heart out ! Such pretty birds ! he sings all day long by the house .

APRIL 2016 (34 of 73)

                                                    Fresh rain drops every where make everything look so new !

APRIL 2016 (32 of 73)

                                                  A bit of wild in the field beside us growing , Tiger Lilies  !

APRIL 2016 (33 of 73)

                                            Lots of wet creates lots of different  types and looks of moss and fungi !

APRIL 2016 (35 of 73)

                                        Miggs was also watching me as I walked about the yard and field beside us !

APRIL 2016 (41 of 73)

                                                                           Oh my our grass needs to be cut soon !

APRIL 2016 (36 of 73)

                     I stood quietly with my camera and enjoyed of the goings on in the yard and took more photos .

APRIL 2016 (37 of 73)

APRIL 2016 (40 of 73)

                       Mr & Mrs Dovey taking a rest on the birch tree !  This tree is also growing it’s cat tail seeds now !


APRIL 2016 (43 of 73) 

Here we have Mr & Mrs Sparrow taking turns at the house  , Mr usually sits on the perch and chirps very loudly for most of the day !

APRIL 2016 (44 of 73)

APRIL 2016 (39 of 73)

                                               Mr Robin or Mrs  enjoying the seed on the ground  with Dovey .

APRIL 2016 (49 of 73)

                                                   Our little Juncos are still here but will be leaving soon !

APRIL 2016 (59 of 73)

Pine Siskins are here in droves and fighting with the Gold finches for the food  but there is plenty for every one !

APRIL 2016 (54 of 73)

By the end of the season all the birds are used to me with my camera and I can get fairly close to take photos and using a 55-300mm telephoto lens helps to  !

APRIL 2016 (56 of 73)

                                                      Look who I spotted also watching me  from up in our big old tree !

APRIL 2016 (66 of 73)

                                                                                    Why it is sweet little Alvin .

APRIL 2016 (71 of 73)

                                                                     Gosh he is just so darn cute isn't he ? !

APRIL 2016 (72 of 73)

I heard this goose honking in a frantic behavior and caught a glimpse of him flying over just at the last minute , the sky's were a mix of white wash grey the kind of sky's that I don't like for photos really so I avoid sky shots as much as I can but there are times you just cant and so take what I can get lol !

The clouds have been opening up every now and then and sun has been shining on and off . When I was out side it was calm but the winds are picking up , now as it is the afternoon, the temps were warm but are getting chilly again and more rain is on the way with a possibility of wet snow which is ok cause the land is warm and it will just melt as soon as it hits .

So this is what's been going on here in our little southwestern part of our province  Ontario as the battle of seasons continues .

                                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                                Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your gardens are looking great, a bit ahead of us. Another great round of bird and critter photos. I've been out walking around the gardens, just can't wait to spend more time out there. Think my garlic might hit thr trowel and error section of my garden updates, not looking good at all. Time will tell.

Linda said...

I love your garden...way ahead of our plants here in Alberta but out robins are back so things will start greening up soon.

The Furry Gnome said...

Lots of interesting things around your place! The biggest thing I've learned since I started reading a bunch of other blogs is how different the seasons are in different locations. The difference between your place and mine today illustrates it perfectly!

Margaret Adamson said...

You garden is looking more spring like every day. I love the Song Sparrow singing and that shots of Miggs is fabulous. Have a great weekend.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the photo tour of your garden and yard, Elaine. Living in an apt now, I sometimes miss being able to walk in a yard and see what's blooming and what is visiting. Watching the birds from our kitchen window in the early morning was enjoyable. But, looking at your post brought back pleasant memories. Still cold here in NH but once I get walking in the nearby park, I hope to find lots of signs of spring.

Linda Kay said...

Looks like you are bursting with Spring.I love the reflection in the puddle.

William Kendall said...

Spring looks much more spring like there! We have more snow here today.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You are well on your way to spring! Isn't it fun to see everything popping up, as the circle of life continues.

Miggs really is beautiful -- Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Oh I am so jealous, it sounds like you have Spring. We keep getting snow every day. Three days ago we had a bigger snowfall of about 5 inches. Two days ago, my husband said Tobermory got close to 1 foot, we had less here but the roads have been slippery every morning. We do have our Robins, red winged blackbirds, etc. and I'm enjoying their singing. My husband saw a Pileated Woodpecker today, wish I had seen that. Enjoy your weekend!

Knatolee said...

Lovely photos of spring!! All I am seeing here is snow and mud!!

September Violets said...

You have more growing about you than we have here just yet. Some great photos of the doves and pine siskin. Love the shot of the song sparrow singing ;) What a cutie. I have one here, but I've not heard him sing.