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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Over The Past Few Days



It is a rainy day today  the kind of gentle rain that sounds nice as the birdies are singing in it and all are enjoying  mother natures nectar from the sky’s  so I decided  that today I will  catch up on my blog reading and share a bunch of photos that I have taken since my last post on Thursday ! The past few mornings it has been cool enough for dew on the ground and living in a valley near a river  and marshy areas we get more dew then they do up top !

                                                                       I will let the photos do the talking !

JULY 2014 (2 of 31)

JULY 2014 (6 of 31)

JULY 2014 (10 of 31)

JULY 2014 (24 of 31)

JULY 2014 (21 of 31)

JULY 2014 (25 of 31)

JULY 2014 (8 of 9)

JULY 2014 (21 of 45)

JULY 2014 (19 of 45)

JULY 2014 (16 of 45)

JULY 2014 (7 of 45)

JULY 2014 (10 of 45)

JULY 2014 (30 of 45)

JULY 2014 (42 of 45)

JULY 2014 (45 of 45)

JULY 2014 (26 of 45)

                                 Guess you can all tell by now how much I love nature and  photography lol !

                      I did however do some gardening in between all this wonderful nature and my obsessed  photo taking lol ! I have been having a problem with this top layer of my back garden always growing weeds and I mean HUGE ! weeds and have pulled them out every summer and they grow back , well I thought maybe spraying with weed killer  but then I thought NO !! wait it will seep into the ground and kill my other plants I have in there  so yesterday I pulled  the weeds all out one by one  trimmed the cedar hedge from hanging over into the garden and laid this thick garden tarp down in hopes it will kill the weeds then next year I will poke a hole in the tarp here and there when I want to plant more flowers , I will keep the taller  plants back there to even the garden out as it is two layer garden !

JULY 2014 (3 of 9)

I zoomed in on it  so it is bigger then in the photo lol . It took 3 hours for me to pull every weed and non flower plant out and rake  it over then only 5 minuets  to make overlap  and lay the tarp down ! I hope it works  fingers and toes crossed on this idea lol !

                      Well that’s it for me  for now  . As I am sitting here I can hear the rain  gently taping on the leaves of my garden out the window as the robins sing their rain song  .  Sooo wonderful !

                                                             Until next time my friends , have a good weekend !

                                                                     Country Gal


Buttons said...

WOW your photos do say it all incredible. Have a nice weekend hold the rain up there if you don't mind I have hay to bale all day today.:)Hug B

Linda Kay Christensen said...

I feel like getting a cup of coffee and sitting with you in the rain! Love the sound and really enjoyed your walk through nature today. Thanks so much, pictures are beautiful, and good luck with that garden "fix".

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love all your beautiful pictures, birds, flowers, so pretty.That water fountain is so neat, bet it sounds nice too, Blessings Francine.

Liz said...

What beautiful pictures you take! There is just something magical about dew covered morning.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

gorgeous photos!

put a tarp on the weed area! excellent idea.


Patsy said...

It has been cooler then ever this July and we have had dew., but it is going to get hot like in the 100's next week or so.
your yard looks great, it does take a lot of work to get that old weed out.

Lori E said...

The photos, as usual, are marvelous. You have a very good eye. I love the one of the bird on the echinachea (I think it is echinachea?).
Another good way to keep weeds from growing up through the soil is to lay down a thick layer of newspapers under your mulch. They are biodegradable and will keep the weeds from the soil to a minimum. Of course any seeds falling from above ground will take root and grow.

Amy at love made my home said...

Well done on your weeding efforts, it takes a lot of work doesn't it! xx

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots! I really like that woodpecker.

Gail said...

Your photos are magnificent. I love the water/dew you captured.

DeniseinVA said...

What a great idea laying down your garden tarp and your photos are gorgeous! Happy Sunday to you :)

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Some amazing shots here and well done you on being patient with the weeds. The more patient you are the better the results will be. Good luck with the weed suppressant layer, it worked for me! Enjoy the rain and send some over here, the last lot didn't do much for the humidity levels. Take care xx

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

back again...

what is that amazing 2nd photo of, please? gorgeous.. i think it is near water... but... ????

please and thank you...


Anvilcloud said...

Lots of fine photos. I really like seeing the goldfinch on the echinacea.