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Thursday, July 10, 2014

This N That


The weather has been lovely , sunny with no humidity and cool refreshing breezes  , my kind of summer days !

I have been puttering as usual , weeding my gardens ,taking Miggs for long morning walks and of course taking photos of what ever I can lol !

JULY 2014 (5 of 26)

                        Baby Barn swallows taking a well deserved break ! Mama was dive bombing me  and tweet tweeting like mad  whilst I was under them taking their photos as they sat on this wire  !

JULY 2014 (9 of 26)

                                                  Charlie having his breakfast in the early morning sun !

JULY 2014 (15 of 26)

                                          Then I heard this juvenile Northern Flicker chirping for his mama !

JULY 2014 (13 of 26)

                                                        My Clematis is popping out with blooms all over it now !

JULY 2014 (14 of 26)

JULY 2014 (12 of 26)

                          The gardens are doing nicely now after we had all that rain and the temps have been cooler ! Yup we have lots of clover in our grass this year to  last year it was dandelion's  nope no four leave clovers either trust me I have looked lol  oh well we do live in the country lol !

JULY 2014 (17 of 26)

                                                              So much cooler we have had dewy morning's !

JULY 2014 (19 of 26)

                        These are my Sweet pea leaves and this year for the first time in 4 years it will be blooming with pretty little flowers , the plant is huge and takes up the entire corner of the back garden not only climbing but ground spreading to ! I cant wait to get photos of the pretty little flowers  I think it has multiple coloured flowers !

JULY 2014 (20 of 26)

                             All of my Coneflower plants are in full bloom and they are huge and  a few of the plants are about 4 feet tall and the flowers are huge on them !  I have some in the front and back gardens !

JULY 2014 (23 of 26)

                                                             All different colours and flower types to !

JULY 2014 (25 of 26)

JULY 2014 (18 of 33)-2

Well folks  that's just a bit  it of  This N That from us here at the Cove ,  pretty quiet and nothing to exciting going on but heck that's the way we like it !JULY 2014 (14 of 31)

                                                                     Miggs sends woofs to ya all !

                                                                     Until next time my friends !

                                                                     Country Gal


Linda Kay Christensen said...

Looks so lovely, and I love that Miggs! Such beautiful flowers.

Patsy said...

Lovely summer day at your home, we are hot had to water the flowers this morning. Great photo's.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous, so many colors and varieties !
I just love Miggs :)
Hope the weather stays nice for you, we're moving into the humid days....I hope they pass quickly .
Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.

Crystal said...

Yup sure is nice when nothing is going on :) Pretty there, we need a few cool rainy days here but not for a bit yet as we are cutting hay

Liz said...

We have had quite a few baby swallows. They are so cute! But the parents make working in the garden a chore. They throw such a fuss! Love your dog!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Elaine, a bit late in catching up on blog reading (as usual) but it's always a lovely break to visit and see all the birds and blooms in your backyard. Glad the weather has cooled down for you as well. We just cooled off last night with thunderstorms so the next few days should be OK.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, looking great around the home, loving those Cone flowers. I lost a few of mine last winter. The birds are still entertaining I see as is Miggs, Blessings Francine.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

ahhh.... your clematis... on your beautiful "magic tree".... our clematic is done for the season here.

yes, that is a 'magic tree' you know! how i'd love to have one, in my back yard!!!!

you didn't know it is a 'magic tree', you say?

just visit cielo's blog and she will tell you!!!! about 'magic trees'! here... and here...



Anvilcloud said...

Summer is doing well at your place. Here too.