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Thursday, July 17, 2014

This & That



The weather here yesterday and this morning has cooled right off , yesterday it only hit a high of 18C or 65F  that’s quite cool for us this time of year  and  when I got up at 6:30 this morning  it was only 10 C  or 50F  chilly but fresh !

I have been doing a bit of this & that  and then not much at all kind of thing lol  .  I did how ever look through my recipe box and already started to plan next years garden plants .

JULY 2014 (56 of 80)

Yup I have a  recipe box  for my flowers . I keep all my plant tags and info  on the little recipe cards as to  what  I bought and who goes where or who does well in it’s spot  and what year they were put in  and so on also to remember the names so I can show the people at the garden centre so they know what I am looking for to like cone flower to me is  coneflower  easy  ,  but they call them by their original name which half of the names of the plants I cant even pronounce lol ! ! Echinacea is a genus, or group of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family, Asteraceae. The nine species it contains are commonly called coneflower ,  who knew lol  !!

JULY 2014 (54 of 80)

                         Then I did some photo taking of other things ! I will just let the photos do the talking today !

JULY 2014 (41 of 80)

JULY 2014 (34 of 80)

JULY 2014 (39 of 80)

JULY 2014 (43 of 80)

JULY 2014 (57 of 80)

JULY 2014 (64 of 80)

JULY 2014 (69 of 80)

JULY 2014 (71 of 80)

JULY 2014 (79 of 80)

JULY 2014 (7 of 80)

JULY 2014 (17 of 80)

JULY 2014 (31 of 80)

                                                                         Until next time my friends !

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Anvilcloud said...

The recipe box is a good idea. At one time, I kept notes and tags. Not so much any more.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wonderful images! I also keep all my tags of plants I've purchased, and even keep a database of my garden. It helps give me an idea of what is planted where, and how everything is doing.

Dolly Sarrio said...

Love it!

Crystal said...

Thats a good idea, I went back to buy more of a certain kind of flower this spring and I had the name wrong, eventually the lady figured out what I was talking about and I got the right plant

Kay said...

I love the photo of your doggy looking up at the tree. Bet he has spied a squirrel.

William Kendall said...

Neat little box!

And what a cute bunny.

Linda said...

Great idea organized!
Love the Hydrangea...clouds....and the bunny!
I hope my cottage garden isn't shrivelled!

Amy at love made my home said...

Beautiful, and I love your recipe box for the garden box! Very organised indeed. xx

colleen said...

I love the recipe box idea..I have a few tags and I think I will find me a tin to put them in...thanks for the idea!!

Linda Kay Christensen said...

Your pictures are lovely, and I can't imagine being that organized with the plantings! I'll share your idea about the box with my master gardener hubby and see what he thinks of the idea. What is there about bunnies? So cute.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

that box! great idea! someone should have suggested that to my husband, the resident gardener, a long time ago!!! :-)

and isn't the change in the weather, delicious???? lovely days, cool evening and nights and mornings!

camp and cottage living said...

The flowers, the birds, the dog-there all beautiful!
I think your recipe box for garden seeds is a great idea.