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Wednesday, January 30, 2013



     This is what we have had  yesterday as it thunder stormed and rained  so heavily !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-35

                                                                 Puddles ! In our back yard !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-33


                                                       Puddles on top of ice  and snow !

The weather today is pretty much the same only no snow left at all and the ground has warmed up so much that all the puddles have now soaked in to the ground , now there is a soggy, boggy muddy, mucky mess out there !  The temp right now is  8°C or 46°F and rising  not bad for this time of year !

              Papa is home from work today feeling a little under the weather so he will be taking it easy !

                                     Until next time hope you have a good day !

                                         Thanks For Popping By !

                             Country Gal


Gail said...

We had storms last night. I hear the rolling roaring all around. I am tempted to go rubber booting.

Sarah said...

Looks like take it easy kind of weather :) we woke up this morning to tornado warnings...was blessed not to get one!! Enjoy your day.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Wow, you certainly get wide weather changes...wasn't it freezing there last week?

Snow, here, gone, here gone...poor plants.


Jane and Chris said...

Oh I do hope Papa doesn't have what I'm just getting over...get well soon.
Jane x

Tammy Chrzan said...

I LOVE the rain, and these are lovely photos... xx

Buttons said...

I love puddles I happened to be playing in a few myself this morning. I also love your photos. B

Primitive Stars said...

Wow!!! Puddles galore....Keep dry and cozy, Francine.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I love rain! Stay warm and dry!

Anne Payne said...

We've had a lot rain too. Didn't think about taking pictures of puddles, though. Love them!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We are having that same kind of weather today--I don't think our ground can take any more!

I hope you've enjoyed your day and 'Papa' is feeling better!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Rain is predicted here overnight and along with it gusty winds which have already started, so we took down the pole flags from the front porch today. Our snow is also all gone and the warm temps this week have given us mud in our back yard so with the expected rain we too will have lots of puddles. Hope Papa is feeling better soon.

daisy said...

That rain would be so welcome down here!

Red Gate Farm said...

Hope you're all staying dry! And I never thought of taking pictures of puddles... hmmm around here that could be a year round career!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

My yard looks about the same. We are having high wind speeds this morning. Up to 60 miles per hour in some placed.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think we had your rain too. It was just like that, so fast and hard that it looked like a river going across the roads, fortunately we had been at an unusual 75 degrees (begs for tornadoes) so no ice and snow below it. Then the temperatures dropped to the 30s. What's up with weather these days?

Faye Henry said...

Puddles in January, eh? smile..
We are having fierce wind at the moment.. xo