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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cold & Windy Day Today


The wind is just roaring out there and this old farm house is a creaking and a cracking .  The wind is  coming from the SW gusting at 67 km/h or 42 m/h that's according to the weather people but I think it is gusting even faster by the sound of it ! Miggs doesn't like high winds  so she is in today all cozy . We didn't even get to go for our walk it is so windy even though the sun is popping out every now and then that wind would push us all through our walk .

                                          This is usually Miggs on a winter day !


                                  But today as it is soo windy this is her all cozy snoozing !



Then we have these two crows I call George & Mildred , they are up high in the tree that they sit in every morning after scoffing down the peanuts I put out . Today they were hanging on as the winds were blowing their tree all over the place ! I can just imagine what they were saying to one another up there . 


      Even these poor birds were having a hard time getting to the feeders in the wind as they blow around to and fro  .

miggy xmas (1 of 1)

                                                 My flag is being whipped around like crazy !


Yesterday I took everything out of my fridge and gave it a good cleaning washed the inside the shelves and draws and all  is gleaming now it is blinding now when ya open it lol  .

It is to snow later today they say and with the winds I think we will just stay in get cozy and have a nothing that needs to be done day !

                                             Until next time hope you have a good day !

                                                        Country Gal


Buttons said...

Miggs is very wise see you later I think I will do the same. buuuurrrr. B

Primitive Stars said...

Oh boy, does sound like a good day to stay cozy inside where it's nice and warm, Blessings Francine.

Wendy S. said...

Brrrr...I love Miggs happily snoozing and those crows probably envy a nice warm shelter that she has. How great of you to clean the 'fridge. It would be hard for me to anything other than take a long nap and read with weather like that!

Gone Country said...

Sounds like a good day to me! Enjoy and stay warm!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my, the cold is bad enough without the wins. Stay warm. Hugs,marty

Jane and Chris said...

I HAD to go out this morning as I only had one dose left of my cat's insulin (she needs it twice per day).It was horrid..the wind was blowing the snow across the road and it was just plain miserable.
I came home, had a bowl of hot soup and baked cookies...much nicer than being out.
Jane x

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine girl Miggs looks so comfortable she makes me feel sleepy!! haha
It is windy here too .. supposed to be sunny tomorrow .. but who can really tell what will happen with our crazy weather eh ?
I love your two crows .. they are supposed to be extremely intelligent birds in fact .. I guess they know where they have it good ? LOL

Linda said...

It has been very windy here as well...but not near as cold...although cold for us! Today the winds died down a bit...nice to stay inside when its windy!Miggs looks very comfy...Happy New Year!!

Pat said...

I love that photo of Miggy with the snow on her face!

I was just thinking that I need to clean out my refrigerator, and then I thought, "Nah". ;)

Lorilee said...

I agree with Miggy. I don't like wind either!

Muffy's Marks said...

Stay grounded!!! It is a perfect day to stay inside and be cozy!!!

Crystal said...

Oh I hate wind! Smart Migs to stay inside :)

Heather said...

No, I am not a fan of windy weather either, one of the worst things, I'd rather it rained or snowed! Glad to see my pups aren't the only ones allowed on the furniture! Stay warm! Cheers!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We had a bit of wind the other day must have come from you guys. Brrr is it ever cold then, isn't it?


edenhills said...

I must say Miggs looks awfully cozy in that chair! I'd just stay there too with all that wind.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

On a cold day, cozy in a warm chair is the best place to spend it--After you take your great pictures of course! :-) said...

We had that last week what your pictures show. Today more snow but mild out. Crazy weather. Well we will see what Tuesdya brings for my Birthday. Most times it will be like your pictures show. Brrrrr, windy.

I enjoyed the pictures especially my fav Miggs down on sofa and relaxing but I do like his outside first pix. Oh Miggy is such a beautiful dog. Give a hug for me. Like he knows who I am. Well just being a normal dog lover. tee,hee I love his color as my dog Ginger had the colours of Miggys back.Is Miggy a girl or a boy. Dumb me. Brings happiness to me when I see this picture. My dog has passed on many years ago. And I so miss her. She lived well ovver doggy years. But cancer got her at the end.

Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

I like your COZY blog and your pup is just darling! I have two springers and they are always in my blog posts;) Good for you for tackling the refrigerator. Mine needs that desperately!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I go for that staying in part, Elaine...Miggs has the right idea. Stay warm.