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Saturday, February 8, 2014



It is soo nice to see the sun shining both yesterday evening and this morning . Still cold out and we did get more snow yesterday but it all ended on a good note cause the sun came out .

February 2014 (8 of 11)

                                                                             Yesterday evenings sun set !

February 2014 (1 of 11)

                                                      Birdies in the Cedar hedges snuggling down for the night .

February 2014 (8 of 8)-2

                                                            Then a beautiful sun rise this morning !

 sunlit sunday-

                                            Papa took this photo of Miggs enjoying the sunrise !

                                                 sunlit sunday--2

                                                                              Then she wanted in lol !

                                                           Looks like the sunshine is here to stay  today !

                    Tomorrow I will be joining  My Little Home And Garden   for Sunlit Sunday  with more sun photos !!

                                                                      Until next time friends !

                                                                             Country Gal


Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Oh Miggs is such a photogenic dog! Isn't it lovely how when the sun comes out it doesn't matter what else the weather throws at us, it all looks better! Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Margaret Adamson said...

HI I am glad you have sunshine and it is lovely to see it with the snow as well. I see Miggs has learned to wipe his feet! Have a great weekend.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Beautiful sunset and sunrise... Yes, isn't it delightful, how a day of bright sunshine, can perk us up?!? As well as melt the icicles.

But even sunshine can't make a doggie want to stay out all day! Poor Miggs... "Let me in!" "Please." :-)


Lorilee said...

The sun on the snow is beautiful. It has been rainy and cold here. Yuck!

TexWisGirl said...

sunshine definitely makes winter time more bearable.

Amy at love made my home said...

Ha, I've enjoyed the sunrise, now, it is time to come in and warm up and have breakfast please!! That is what I think that Miggs was thinking!! xx

Muffy's Marks said...

That last picture of Miggy...Oh what a face!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm loving the sun on the white snow these days. It's so nice and bright reflecting into the house. But, it's cold! :)

Linda said...

Sure do rub it in, Elaine.....ha!
It looks beautiful....
Wish the sun would visit us in.....sunny Florida!
Enjoy the rest of your day..
Linda :o)

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures.

We have sunshine today but also got more snow last night.

William Kendall said...

That cardinal really stands out well like that.

And the camera loves Miggs!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Hahaha...I just love that photo of Miggs wanting to be let in. What an adorable look; a pleading look with those big round eyes! "Please let me in..."

Julie Marie said...

Gorgeous photos Elaine... LOVE your beautiful Cardinal!... glad you are getting sunshine... we have rain today... better than more snow though!... xoxo Julie Marie