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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cold , Sunny & Busy


The winds are blowing and  the air is cold today but the sun is shining and the back yard is busy . Miggs and I went for our walk this morning then when we came back I filled my feeders again . The birds and critters are all so busy stuffing their faces this time of year lol .

                        February 2014 (1 of 11)

           Some days I go out there and the traffic of birds flying from feeder to feeder  seems dangerous lol for me that is . I have nearly been run over by them lol or rather flown in to lol ! I have feeders in the back of the yard as well as closer to the house and they zoom from one set of feeders to the other . I wonder if I should put traffic lights in the back  yard to prevent collisions lol

February 2014 (6 of 11)

                                                                 This Starling was just hammering at the suet !

February 2014 (7 of 11)

   Even the critters were getting in all the action with the face stuffing lol ! If you look closely there is one squirrel in the front of the feeder and one on the back !

February 2014 (10 of 11)

       Miggs was wondering around the yard taking it easy as the paths are laced with ice patches ! We have lots of grassy patches now  to , nice to see the grass though  ! As the snow slowly melts I am out there digging for puppy poop one thing I don't like doing when it snows day after day and I don't get a chance to clean it up cause  I end up with pounds of it when I can finally find it in the snow  lol  just one of those things  ya need to do when you have a dog  lol .

      No on to nicer things lol ..    This is a collage of some of the birds we get in the yard feeding during the winter , some stay all year long , whilst others migrate and then the summer birds arrive .  I have counted over 30 species of birds that visit our yard over the years or have just taken a pit stop . One day I will make a huge collage of all the birds we have in our yard as I have been lucky enough to capture so many in photos .

PicMonkey CollageWinter birds

             When spring is in the air even though to us it doesn’t seem like it, the birds and critters tell a different story and when the sun is out they are busy in the yard at the feeders chatting , chirping , singing, squawking and chasing each other around , it’s like having the nature channel in my own back yard  and I love it !

   We would like to WELCOME our new followers to our neck of the WOODS COUNTRY COVE  and thank you all for taking the time to pop by !

                                                                                Until next time my friends !

                                                                                     Country Gal


TexWisGirl said...

nice that you give them feeders to choose from! :)

Patsy said...

Our birds are thinning out, we stop ground feeding and the many sparrows are moving on.

Amy at love made my home said...

So lovely to see all of your different animals in the garden taking advantage of your restaurant! It does sound as though you could do with some sort of one way system though!! xx

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

What a beautiful collage of some of your visiting birds. Just beautiful. I *envy* bloggers who can photo capture birds. I can't. -pout-

Then again, we don't have feeders near by... Used to have a feeder, but as we got more "olden," we had to cease. 'Cause the steps and little path to it, got ice covered at times. And we were afraid of breaking a leg, filling it. -sigh-

And as to scooping the poop.... Hey, poop happens!!!!! ,-)

Primitive Stars said...

I really love seeing all the bird visitors in your yard, so many different birds, Francine.

Jane and Chris said...

STOP and YIELD signs should do the trick...Miggs could write tickets for the offenders.
Jane x

Anonymous said...

We are only just now able to get to the feeders at the back of the yard to fill them. The snow must of been at least 4 feet deep in some places, and hubby took the snow blower to it to clear some away. It also tends to flood back there so hopefully getting rid of some snow will help that situation.
Great mosaic of all your bird visitors.

William Kendall said...

My parents always hung the feeders from the ground floor rafters. It generally sheltered the birds too in snow so they could feed in quiet.

Where we grew up though, the feeder was out in the midst of the yard, so you had to walk out to it.

Michelle said...

I love that collage!