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Friday, January 22, 2016

Winters Quiet !


That is what it has been here , quiet !  Not much going on  . The air has been cold but the sun has been shining for the most part  the winds have been fairly calm for a change and snow has been little .  Miggs and I have been enjoying our morning walks and playing in the yard after as well as enjoying the birdies at the feeders .   I went around and looked for things to photograph and found  that winter again shows me how pretty it can be  dispite the cold .

JANUARY 2016 (18 of 25)

JANUARY 2016 (13 of 25)

                                                                     And how fun it can be for a dog like Miggs !

JANUARY 2016 (4 of 25)

                                 As she scoops  the sparkling snow with her tongue  like a never ending  snow cone lol !

JANUARY 2016 (5 of 25)

JANUARY 2016 (3 of 25)

                                          The blue skys look cold but are filled with sun shine and birdies flying about  .

JANUARY 2016 (7 of 25)

                          How the snow gentley sits on everything displaying each and every snow flake so delicately .

JANUARY 2016 (6 of 25)

                                           How icicles form on things like Miggs beard and the edges of rooves !

JANUARY 2016 (16 of 25)

And how much the birdies enjoy a sunny winter day flying about feading at the feeders and playing peek aboo in the trees and hedges with me as I try to photograph them .

JANUARY 2016 (10 of 25)

JANUARY 2016 (14 of 25)

JANUARY 2016 (20 of 25)

As much as I get tired of winter  regaurdless of it being a harsh winter or not I often find myself enjoying it’s prettyness and even the plainess  or the constant white of it all .

JANUARY 2016 (24 of 25)

                I always seem to fined some colour some where about that just seems to brighten things up abit  as well as the sun that shines on it all .

JANUARY 2016 (22 of 25)

I guess it is all how you look at it , you can look at it as dull and colourless or you can look at it as a new challenging canvas  and that my friends is how I get through a quiet  winter !   I layer up get out there and enjoy what winter has to offer  with a different kind of beauty .

                                              Wishing all those in the snow storm path be safe and all have a good weekend !

                                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                                            Country Gal


Gail said...

Stunning photos!

Deb said...

Great photos, Elaine. Love that little fat chickadee.I'm glad you and Miggs are making the best of this not so bad winter. Stay warm. Deb

The Furry Gnome said...

Have a good quiet weekend!

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Miggs looks as though he enjoys it as much as you. I can't wait for Tia to see some snow as I am not sure she has ever experienced it, or icicles forming on her beard!! Winter is truly beautiful and you are right in how you tackle it. Keep warm xx

Primitive Stars said...

Enjoyed my visit with you this A.M sipping my coffee.Blessings Francine.

William Kendall said...

Miggs is definitely in her element!

Linda Kay said...

Such pretty birds, especially the chickadee. I remember those icycles that we would break off the gutters and suck on. Yuck! Wonder how many germs there were.

Amy at love made my home said...

Beautiful as always and you know that I never tire of seeing Miggs in the snow playing and having fun! xx