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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Touch Of Sunshine


We havent had a lot of sunshine but what we did have  this weekend was nice to see  .  The temps have been mild yet damp and it has been cloudy and rainy mostly  this weekend  and what little snow we have is almost all gone now  and it really feels  and looks more like spring then winter  and the land is thawing out to as there are puddles every where  now  and when you have a dog that likes to roll and lay on the muddy grass  well lets just say YUK !! lol !.

Miggs has  also been relaxing on her swing on and off this weekend out on the porch watching the yard enjoying the mild temps !

JANUARY 2016 (1 of 24)

                                         Can you believe this is the last day of January already ?  WOW !  Time flys now days !

                   I took some photos  with the little bit of sunshine we had as it shone its wonderful glow on everything !

JANUARY 2016 (6 of 24)

                                  One of the many birdies taking a little drink from the puddles infront of the porch !

JANUARY 2016 (5 of 24)

                                               I do love the  sun sets now as they are setting later  each evening .

JANUARY 2016 (7 of 24)

JANUARY 2016 (8 of 24)

JANUARY 2016 (10 of 24)

                                                                   Even Harley is enjoying the sun sets !

JANUARY 2016 (11 of 24)

                                          Miggs had just finished her supper and was waiting to go out side.

JANUARY 2016 (12 of 24)

                                                  The look of come on mum stop the pictures and just let me out !

JANUARY 2016 (20 of 24)

JANUARY 2016 (24 of 24)

                                 Please let me out now mum  I want to go chase the squirrel  I just saw over by the tree !

Yup she went out and yes she chased the squirrel lol . Papa and I putter this weekend  like most weekends lol , yeah know the usual laundry and what not  really  nothing to thrilling  lol ! . 

                                                I am joining in with Karen  and other wonderful bloggers for

                                                                   Sunlit Sunday

                                                                                         Until next time .

                                                                                 Happy February !

                            Country Gal


NanaNor's said...

We had sunshine all last week and it was so wonderful, felt like the promise of spring. Today we have a massive storm front moving in until Wednesday....a lot of snow forecast. I love the sunshine through a winter's day.

Anonymous said...

You found some nice sunlit shots! We puttered about with nothing exciting happening this weekend, too. Have a good week.

William Kendall said...

Miggs looks comfy on the swing.

Harley looks stoic.

Primitive Stars said...

Nice sunny pictures, love them. We need some sunshine now, cloudy for days.Blessings Francine.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Elaine, I'm just seeing your blog for the first time and decided to become a member. I just love your photos, I'm an animal and bird lover too. I'm looking forward to dropping in again.

The Furry Gnome said...

Well, we sure didn't have sunshine. Rain, rain and more rain, mixed with fog!

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, lovely images and beautiful sunlight. Happy February, enjoy your new week!

Snap said...

I love Miggs swing ... fun and comfort ... a place to rest after chasing squirrels. :) Harley is lovely and another sun lover. Amazing what a little sunshine will do ... how it comes through the windows to brighten our days. Lovely post. Happy Sunlight!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that you are all enjoying the sunshine! xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We had a lovely sunny Monday, nice temperatures too. Heavy rain heading our way overnight Tuesday.
I'm sure Miggs enjoyed chasing the squirrel.

My Little Home and Garden said...

I have the old song line about "bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens" playing in my head now. I love the way the light hits your shiny kettle and, of course, the critters who are enjoying the beams as well.