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Friday, January 15, 2016

Miggs & I


Well it has been a quiet week really , the snow has been blowing and falling , birdies and critters have been out and about and Miggs and I have had the odd chance to get out and go for our walks and play in the yard  and I have been taking photos of what ever  seems to be catching my eye , share them later in another post  ! The temps today are mild and snow is melting but we shall get cold once again and have  more snow squalls over the weekend ! As of now it is +6 or 43°F and rain is on the way  for this evening and over night !

Papa was home from work yesterday as he wasn’t feeling very well , he has had this head cold hanging about for a day or two  but today he is feeling better after a day of rest and TLC !  I went out to collect more wood for the wood stove , we don’t depend on it but I do like to have the wood in the wood box  in the house  in case we lose power on the cold days of winter storms , best to be prepared if one can be lol .

Any who  I was starting to say I went out for more wood lol Miggs helped me and Papa saw and took photos of us from the house !


JANUARY 2016 (9 of 70)

                 Miggs sometimes doesn’t understand that Mama can do these things with out her help lol !

JANUARY 2016 (12 of 70)

I am short and Miggs is tall when on her hind legs and she knows  this I think , thats why she jumps up on me some times lol ! Now she does know this is a no no but she trys anyways  lol !

JANUARY 2016 (14 of 70)

She was grunting and trying to get me away from the wagon full of wood and I could not stop laughing as she was talking away to me pushing me lol . Sometimes Miggs has a very strange way of showing us things she wants lol !

JANUARY 2016 (16 of 70)

      Miggs is such a fun dog and really trys to communicate the best she can in any way she can, she really does talk to us with funny sounds and body language  . I think Papa got a kick out of taking these photos of Miggs and I  and did a great job to .

Any who I did manage to get the wood to the house and inside after all that . Then Miggs and I played for a bit more and then we went inside after .

  Miggs is the star of our blog and she loves the camera and is our sunshine and fun every day and  for many of you to as some of you have mentioned , so I took photos of her playing with her rope ball outside in the snow and will share them all with you over the weekend !  

                                                                                           Until next time .

                                                                                Country Gal


Gail said...

Miggs wanted to play.

Great shots.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Aw, cute shots! She looks like such a sweetie.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Best friends.

Deb said...

The best photos are the candid shots. Fun with Miggs. :)) We both here miss having a fire-place and look forward to having one in the house next year. We light lots of candles around the mouse house just to have the flame. Out of reach of the cats, of course. Hope hubby feels better soon. It's going to be a warmer day here today so I'm looking forward to getting out there. Have a fun weekend, Deb

Margaret Adamson said...

She is such a special dog. Have a great weekend.

Pamela Gordon said...

Cute series of photos of you and Miggs. You have a great smile. :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

What an awesome series of photos Papa took through the windows. Biggs sure does enjoy her time outside. Good to hear he is feeling a bit better, nothing worse than being laid up with a cold.

Anvilcloud said...

Fun pics and post.

William Kendall said...

She's fun to have around, and yes, when she's on her hind legs, she's unexpectedly tall... I tend to think of her as a mid sized dog!