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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Happy Photo Nut Here

It is a rainy day here today and a bit windier then I like but my gardens are loving it as are we for it is a day of rest from all the gardening and out door stuff we have been busy with  . I am now all over the Windows Live Writer dilemma  as I have discovered that blogger template is good and I am now a member of Pic monkey and I love what you can do with your photos , water marks and all it offers Papa said well if you enjoy the free version why not get the entire package for only $4.99 a month through pay pal  that Papa has  and that way I can get to all of their awesome editing  .  Thanks Papa  I have been having fun with it already !.

I love what I can do with my photos now  . I have always liked a nice presentation to my posts and photos  for me it makes it more enjoyable to do and a nicer touch  for my readers .. I hope .

       So what ya think ?  Do you like the new look of my photos ?  I know I do and I can do so much more to with them . So look out folks I am on a photo editing roll lol !

 Until next time

   Country Gal


Country Gal said...

Sorry all . I have received your comments but seems things are wonky with them . Thanks for taking the time to pop by . Have a good day !

Primitive Stars said...

Count me in, love the pictures,Francine.

Anvilcloud said...

So you're just gonna monkey around from now on, eh?

Vee said...

Oh you'll be having way too much fun now! Your header is it!

Jen @ The Light Laughed said...

Elaine, if you are getting Pic Monkey, buy the year subscription, it's a better deal. the Pic Monkey! that's for sure.