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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Busy Days

Hi every one .

I have been busy figuring out how to do my posts and photos now that  Windows Live Writer is down and out for now  . I started using the blogger template in the beginning before I discovered  Live Writer and now I am discovering  blogger template all over again and I am pretty impressed . The only thing is blogger template doesn't have a water mark or a way to fancy up your photos . But what the heck  I will do my best here . I have found that Pic monkey works for that and I can just put my photos I want to use in a folder after I have gussied them up a bit to be transferred to this post . 

Our Baby Robins have flown the coop or nest I should say  . It was great watching them stretch their wings as they prepare to leave the nest . One by one they all did it with ease !

 Bye Bye Little ones , come back and visit us . It was a joy to see them take flight but sad to watch them go at the same time !

 Papa and I were busy today with yet another garden edging build for the front of the house  only this one was straight forward and not a lot of cutting  either  . 

 So that's that one all done  now as well . Looks good Papa  I love your garden edging ideas !
I then went around and just took photos after !

 So as you can see here I have found a way to do my posts and I am happy with the results.
Weather has been lovely  , we are to be getting lots of rain tonight and all day tomorrow so I will be investigating the posting aspect of this blogger template more and playing with my photos more on Pic monkey and of course catching up on all your wonderful blogs !

                                                                               Until next time .
                                                                         Country Gal


Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you are working things out with your pictures! They look great. I write all my posts in blogger and the only thing I ever do to my pictures is crop them before I upload them to get rid of any bits around the edges that I don't want and to occasionally straighten a wonky horizon! xx

TexWisGirl said...

glad you found a solution for your photos and all.