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Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Lovely Weekend


Hello all .. hope you had a lovely weekend . We sure did the weather was sunny hot and humid with a a bit of rain in between . Papa and I were busy out in the yard taking down his Sky shed /observatory as he has sold it  so that was a few hours work , boy what a lot of hardware and big parts to this, it was us that put it together when we first got it and it had been sitting for 4 years all up and together and we had both forgotten how many parts there were to this , but we  managed get it down and  the people came to collect it and it now has a new home  and will be used a lot as they are just starting out with it and were excited to get it . The deck that it sat on is to be taken apart as well and used for a ramp for my potting shed and for Papa’s main door wood shop shed so that is in the process as Papa cut the wood planks for my potting shed ramp last night !

MAY 2015 (1 of 14)MAY 2015 (2 of 14)

Papa sold his  sky shed/observatory  cause he wasn’t using it any more as he enjoys his wood shop more so he figured he would sell it to someone who would get the use out of it a bit more ! We still have our telescopes and will every now and then just take them out on the grass or in the field to view the night sky's !

So that was one big job done . As we were sitting relaxing after a few hours of taking the sky shed down . I spotted some new feathered  friends bobbing about our birch tree !

MAY 2015 (35 of 39)

Our fist ever American Red Start  from the warbler family . There were 4 of them all jumping from branch to branch  singing and gobbling up the cat tail seed of the birch tree , then I saw another birdie I have seen this little guy here before the Yellow warbler .MAY 2015 (31 of 39)

Papa spotted another one the Magnolia warbler in the birch tree as well that we have never had here , he took photos of that but the photos are still in his camera . Papa I need the photos of the new birdies soon please . I will post of Papa’s new birdie later . Any who lots of birds showing up , most have made this their home for years like this Eastern King bird MAY 2015 (11 of 39)

                            And like this Red bellied wood pecker we named  Junior as well as many more .

MAY 2015 (19 of 39)

 MAY 2015 (20 of 39)

I have now counted a total of 30 breeds of birds that are now making our home theirs and enjoying the feeders  and trees and hedges  and I am loving it , so many to watch and learn about .

Papa got all he wanted to get done , done this weekend and so did I , the trimming and a few other little jobs  I did that whilst Papa was doing other things like replacing  some shingles as the other ones were either missing or had lifted .

MAY 2015 (27 of 39)

                           Miggs was busy keeping the squirrel's on their toes and following us around lol !

MAY 2015 (2 of 23)

Mrs Molly our house Wren is back and checking out all the houses she has to choose from but still prefers this one to start . Did you know Wrens have two houses on the go  ? one as the real home and one  as a  pretender home  to help ward off predators !

MAY 2015 (3 of 39)

MAY 2015 (4 of 23)

So lots of busy activity always going on in our yard, be it us working in it or the birds and critters and Miggs doing their thing as well  lol !

            Yesterday big dark clouds rolled in late in the morning  and  hovered over us and we had a down pour but only for a few minuets so I photographed the rain !

MAY 2015 (8 of 14)

MAY 2015 (10 of 14)

              I like photographing the spring and summer  rains as it is coming down and splashing on things looks soo refreshing !

MAY 2015 (14 of 14)

Then after the rains it cleared up and  the sun came out again so Papa and I  relaxed for the rest of the afternoon then I got a nice phone call from our boys for Mothers day we  chatted for an hour and  had a few laughs , all is good and well with them so that was good and nice to hear from them, went over to Papa’s parents they live next door  for a little Mothers day get together  out side  on their patio and give Papa’s mom a home made card . then came home and relaxed for the remainder of the evening

                                                                 and that was our lovely weekend !

                                                                           Until next time

                                                                            Country Gal


Deb said...

Well. aren't those wrens smart. I'd move in to that house, too. It's raining here now but the trees have greened up so beautifully this weekend.
I'm looking forward to getting out to see what birds are hanging about today. Love your bird shots, as always. Deb

Linda Kay said...

I'm listening to the thunder and rain right now as I type. I love the sound so much, as long it doesn't come along with hail!

eileeninmd said...

You do have a lot projects going on! I love all your yard birds. The warblers are awesome.. And you know I love your sweet Miggs. The House Wrens are crazy birds, I've been hearing one all morning.. Wonderful series of images. Have a happy day and week ahead!

William Kendall said...

My, that is a lot of work! The squirrel looks as if he's been caught in the middle of something very naughty.

Gail said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me. Accomplishments and enjoyment.

Janneke said...

So nice to watch the birds in your garden, most of them are unknown to me, every part of the world has their own birds. But one thing is sure, we do not have so many colourful birds.
Have a nice week in the garden and hugs from Snarf to Miggs.

Jane and Chris said...

I love the wren peeking out of her house!
We got soaked yesterday...but the ground needed the rain so much!
Jane x

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love seeing all your birds; I've started putting thistle out in the open space, but the birds empty it in a day-it is pretty expensive. I started feeding them because there were babies around.
Hope you have a good week.
Hugs Noreen

Linda said...

Raining here tonight...thank goodness!
I also have a Wren in a small bird house at the cottage....
And....a song sparrow in my Martin house!
Have a great week....
Linda :o)

Margaret Adamson said...

My favouriteshotis of the wren peeking out.

Vee said...

Oh my! Thirty different birds. I must start paying attention around here. Your husband is a generous man. Most, in my experience, keep every single thing they have ever acquired.