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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Microsoft At It Again

There are lots of angry bloggers out there including myself at Microsoft . The company made a big mistake with Windows Live Writer making it no longer compatible with Blogger or BlogSpot big mistake guys ! Lots of bloggers like myself rely on Windows Live Writer to do their post on and then publish to their blog . I myself am angry they have done this ! The CEO of Microsoft Scott Hansleman has had many tweets , facebook and blog comments on his blog about this including from me ! I told him that I had been using Windows Live Write for years to do my posts and publish them to blogspot and have been very happy with the software and it is a crying shame to muck about with a good thing and why would one do that anyways . I also said that this will loose them a lot of users . So that was my input to it all I also told them to get it fixed ASAP ! lol !

I am giving this post a trial and error run to see if I can write the post here on Windows Live Writer and copy and paste to blogger post template and see if that will work for now !

Any who I have been gardening and busy out doors . The weather has been lovely . I will see how this post does first then I will get photos up on the next . As I see here copy or cut and paste does not do what I want no fancy font or anything just boring blogger font BOOHOO !! Oh well I hope they get Live Writer up and running soon !

Until next time .

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TexWisGirl said...

i never used that program but saw one other blogger comment about it today.