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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Road Trip & Grass Cutting


The weather has been wonderful , warm sunny and even the breezes have been warm ! Yesterday Papa , myself and Miggs took a road trip with my tractor Betsy in tow to the guy we got her from for a few adjustments as we haven't had the chance to use her for cutting grass yet  and to pay him for her .  The trip was lovely not far about an hour and a half the  fields  were filled with farmers out ploughing and seeding with their big tractors !

MAY 2015 (18 of 52)

                                                               I love seeing the tractors out in the fields .

MAY 2015 (20 of 52)

                      Some tractors  and equipment they have these days are monstrous  not like the old days of smaller tractors  and equipment that’s for sure  lol !

As we were driving along Miggs had to pee so we stopped, we heard the sound of an airplane and there she was all of a sudden flying over  a beautiful Royal Canadian Air Force Harvard plane . It was a beautiful sight  to see  and sound  to hear this old plane still flying . I like planes as well as tractor's lol !  They were looking down at me as I think they saw the reflection of my camera as I was taking their photo ! The pilot was practicing landing and taking off as the small airport wasn't far away and on the other side of a small forest !

MAY 2015 (24 of 52)

      MAY 2015 (21 of 52)

                                                             That was fun to photograph and watch !

So off we went again on our adventure with Betsy in the trailer secured and having the breeze  blow through her engine lol . Every time we went over a bump her seat would jump and bang down again  so Papa and I just said Betsy was flipping her lid lol !

MAY 2015 (25 of 52)

Back to more tractors in the fields  as each scenery was different ! These photos of the tractors were taken on a drive by  as were the train tracks . I had my camera settings  to Fstop 6.3 and shutter speed of 1/800 of a second and to my surprise they all turned  out nicely .

MAY 2015 (34 of 52)

Rail road tracks are a rare thing these days and I just love them as they travel through the fields and have small forests around them !MAY 2015 (32 of 52)

MAY 2015 (26 of 52)

Another thing that is rare here is old original silos like this one made from concrete  most now a days are steel .

Well we arrived at the tractor guys place he did a few adjustments to Betsy we gave him the money and off we went home again !  When we got home Papa took Betsy for a spin and cut the front grass to test her out . I wont do the front lawn as the hill is short but steep .

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MAY 2015 (40 of 52)

                      Betsy is a smaller tractor  then Papa’s and Papa is a bit to tall for her but she fits me to a T !!!

But I love cutting the back lawn ! So between us we both got the first grass cutting of the season down  and Betsy did a great job !

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                                                       Betsy and I had a good time cutting the grass  .

So that was our day yesterday  .  Today  .. well that’s another story  I will tell tomorrow but it has to do with  building things  and  a critter visitor we had the other day . The weather this morning is already beautiful warm and sunny out and waiting for us .

                                                                                      Until then .

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                                                                           Country Gal


Deb said...

I know how you love your Betsy. We have the same weather....fantastic.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a fun day. I love your tractor!

DeniseinVA said...

You two looked great on that spiffy lawn mower. My yard is not that big so we won't be getting one any time soon. Great photos, especially of that old plane and the fact that you could clearly see the two men in the cockpit.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The farm fields are getting busier around here too and more farm equipment travelling the roads to get to more fields. Glad that Betsy is up and running and ready to cut the grass. There are mowers humming around here, but hubby loves Nascar so is watching that and will cut the grass for the first time tomorrow. We had a nice bbq lunch at daughter and family today and enjoyed sitting in their backyard.

Patsy said...

Looks like farming and Grooming is well underway in your part of the world.

William Kendall said...

That plane really appeals to me!

Pamela Gordon said...

No farmers on the fields here yet and no one cutting grass either. After this weekend of sunshine and temperatures in the upper teens this should be happening soon. I enjoyed the countryside photos and the old plane. Pretty cool to see that! Have a great week!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I can't believe how long your grass was. Love the old fashioned plane.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love to see the crops being planted too, and I love even more being able to drive the "lawn tractor" but my husband won't give me a turn--lucky you! :-)

Hope all is well and you've enjoyed your Sunday. Weather is gorgeous here!

Michelle said...

Great shots of that plane!!!

The Furry Gnome said...

Lotsa big tractors out working here too, but no grass cutting yet, thank goodness!