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Friday, May 1, 2015

What’s Going On In Our Neck Of The Woods



First , we have news that the Orchard Orioles are back  WOOHOO !  I am hoping the Hummers and Baltimore Orioles follow suit soon cause my nectar feeders are out and waiting for them . The Wren houses are clean and waiting for them to appear now to . I saw a few Barn swallows flying and chatting over the house the other day , the Eastern Blue birds are about the forest edges , so the birds are slowly returning as the weather gets to how it is to be this time of year .  Then Papa built some nice shutters for his shop to spruce it up a bit  and things are slowly but surely growing and blooming here ! The weather has been passable that past few days but with sunshine  and as of today and through the weekend which today is the May 1st  cant believe it already but am happy about it  oh yeah  sorry lost my track of thought here lol happens from time  to time any who   the weather is to be perfect  warm and sunny . 

I went around the garden after I had puttered in them for a bit and took photos , no surprise there lol !

APRIL 2015 (5 of 22)-2

  Your shutters on your shop  look nice Papa great job , he just finished painting them the other day then put them up !

APRIL 2015 (10 of 22)-2

Mrs Robin has been very busy perfecting her nest above the porch light and is now in the mud packing stage with it as you can see here she has a beak full of mud !

APRIL 2015 (12 of 22)-2

Whilst she is doing that Mr Robin is keeping an eye out for her and where ever she goes he follows watching her back so to speak !

APRIL 2015 (18 of 22)-2

All my Lilac bushes are coming along wonderfully and in a week or so will be full of wonderful blooms and fresh aroma of pretty white, pink and deep purple  flowers  .

APRIL 2015 (3 of 22)-2

Hyacinth's are blooming one by one and my Daffs are slowly getting there I think they are struggling this year !

APRIL 2015 (6 of 22)-2

APRIL 2015 (2 of 22)-2

APRIL 2015 (4 of 22)-2

APRIL 2015 (7 of 22)-2

Things seem slower here this year but they are trying , the Tiger Lilies here would of been huge and opened by now !

APRIL 2015 (20 of 22)-2

Whilst I was wondering the yard taking photos I was also throwing the ball for Miggs , now a days she tires out a bit faster then she used to so she went on the patio porch and took a break for a bit !

APRIL 2015 (21 of 22)-2

Then she heard me sneak up on her and gave her famous , I am so cute  pose with her teddy bear doe eyes lol !

APRIL 2015 (9 of 22)-2

Then as I went around the front of the house by the drive way I saw this little fellow just staring at a piece of grass in the stump , I had a vision and laughed to myself of him saying to the grass . Ya wana piece of me ? all tuff and puffed up  then grabbing it and pulling it like a piece of spaghetti lol  I know weirdo eh?  But nah  he just flew away lol !

So far things are coming along good like I said a bit slower then normal but better then not at all . I cant believe it is May already where does the time and days go . My gardens are done and waiting for flowers to be planted  that wont be till our May long weekend which is in two weeks so I am excited about that .  

All in all things are coming together in the gardens and the birds are arriving one at a time  the weather is getting better more sun shine and warmer temps  and I have seen butterfly’s fluttering by to so I am a happy camper .

                                                           Things are good in our neck of the Woods !

                                                                            Until next time

                                                                          Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

Your neck is lookin fine.

Knatolee said...

So nice to see signs of spring at last! Your doggy gal is so adorable. And the shutters look lovely.

Margaret Adamson said...

Itis so lovely to know that your spring has at last surprised anhe birds ae returning, one by one to your garden. I am sure the Hummers will soon bethere.Ilove your spring flowers and Miggs is still adorable.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I love to see shutters, especially when they are white in contrast to the building. Well done Papa! Isn't it lovely to see the different colours coming through in the gardens now along with the very busy wildlife getting ready for their little ones. Lots of hugs to Miggs xx

Gail said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Papa's shop is looking more like a guest house to me.

Jane and Chris said...

Miggs is SO adorable!
I did more clean up yesterday,and can't wait to get going!
Jane x

Janneke said...

Great to see birds nesting and feeding their little ones and all new growth in the garden. Miggs steals the show again, such a cute dog.

William Kendall said...

Spring has sprung nicely for you.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Thanks for mentioning the Orioles, I better get my feeder out too.
Yay, sunny days and flowers blooming!
Happy May!

Linda Kay said...

Looks like happy things are about in your neck of the woods! Miggs appears to have Spring fever. And I do love the shutters on the shed. I'll have to mention them to hubby, who will be putting up a shed soon.

Faye Henry said...

You are a ways ahead of us, Elaine but we are to get a break this weekend and warm up.. smile.. I hope. xo

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I got the hummer and oriole feeders out about mid week, haven't seen any visitors yet, but I'm on the lookout. Mr Cardinal sure was calling up a storm yesterday undulating from tree to tree, wouldn't stay in one place long enough for me to get a photo, even using the rapid fire button :)
I've been out around the garden this morning getting some photos of the daffodils in bloom. It looks like it will be a lovely day. Enjoy Saturday.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, looking good in your neck of the woods. Nice you have the Orioles back. Weather has been very warm here this week, might hang my hummer feeder out just in case.Blessings Francine.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you have a lovely property and doggy. Have a super Sunday.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a lovely world you live in! Spring has taken long to come around this year but we're finally seeing some colour. Can't wait till everything blooms!